Seeing perfection in the imperfection

When we look through the filters of love and acceptance, we discover that all is well.

“To become a great teacher, one must become a teaching.”
~Gabrielle Roth~
Can you see it? Can you look at a seed and see it’s perfection, it’s potential? Encased in a protective shell until it’s ready to sprout, the seed carries the potential of growth – not only of the one sprouting, but of the many, many plants that will evolve from it.

The spiritual seeker can bring this same light to those with whom they interact. Is the person in front of you a seed full of potential, a flower in bloom or decline or ready to nurture the energy of the future? All aspects are natural and part of the perfection of the process of growth.

Choose to find the perfection in the imperfection. See the value of everything and how it may serve our unfolding journey. This is how we honor all things as sacred and it tends to move us into peace, compassion and acceptance. What a wonderful place to reside.
Today my intention is to embrace what is with an open heart.  
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