You are stronger that you realize.

“Few circumstances awaken our aspiration to live more directly from the heart than the grave illness or death of a loved one. In such times of naked pain, we’re no longer so intent on clinging to our protections, so interested in preserving our small comforts and our fleeting goals. At such times, we may become aware of just how strongly we hold our hearts back in fear. At this point, grief becomes a doorway to enter more deeply into our life.”
~Ezra Bayda~
When faced with circumstances that challenge one’s ability to trust the processes of life, the tendency may be to withdraw or move into denial as a form of protection. The five stages of grief are denial, bargaining, anger, depression and acceptance; therefore, a brief state of denial is actually an important aspect of the healing process.

Most people experience all five steps – sometimes in a different order, sometimes vacillating back and forth between them, but ultimately moving into acceptance, peace and personal strength. These moments are the doorway to higher levels of consciousness. When we walk through the fires, we are transformed.

There is great value in conscious inner exploration. We must choose to turn and face our shadows in order for them to become powerful aspects of our personal growth and development. If the challenges you face threaten your equanimity, pause, breathe and remind yourself that your soul is ready to expand in ways that you cannot yet imagine. Then, take one more conscious step forward.
Today my intention is to see beyond appearances to the truth of connection, love and soul agreements between us. 
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