Levels of Experience

“The principles of abundance, synchronicity detachment, and oneness are operative in the universe. All you have to do is tune in to them and let them work through you.”

~Wayne Dyer~

Untold facets make up the whole of human experience. There may be certain aspects of life that you handle quiet well, demonstrating an ability to approach them from a high level of consciousness and navigating successfully. This is likely the result of many lifetimes of work. As you perfect your ability to handle a particular lesson, it will no longer be needed in your experience.

Conversely, other lines of energy may be quite triggering. Should you notice any reactivity in you, observe it without self-criticism or blame and  take ownership of your state of consciousness around that issue. This is where your work lies. Your awareness begins the process of transformation.

It’s OK to be human. No matter where you reside on the journey of awakening, remember that the soul always seeks to expand and love desires greater expression. Whether sacred or mundane, every experience has something to teach. The ultimate goal is to be a well-rounded, balanced, empowered and joyful being whose energy is transformative.


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