New Levels of Awareness

“It takes a little effort to get our of illusions because we have invested in them very much. They are our hopes; It is through them that we go on living.”  


It’s a powerful practice to see beyond the illusion. Observe how often the word “I” is used when referring to how you see the world. Everything is a projection of our beliefs. We can get trapped by the “I” when pursuing goals and dreams. Remembering this can set the stage for awakening.

Meditation helps us to see through this illusory state of being. Once we strip away the goals, dreams, thoughts of past and future and simply be, the present moment comes alive. To be fully in the present means to be aware of the immense beauty and perfection that is already here. There is nothing for which to strive, nothing is missing.

A different kind of experience waits for you. Your joyousness, when complete, allows you to become fully aligned with the Now. Give up needing to understand the “whys” and “hows” and leave that to your spiritual guidance. Instead, focus on higher awareness, step into Presence and allow a new consciousness to be born in you.


“Let’s trade in all our judging for appreciating. Let’s lay down our righteousness and just be together.”
~Ram Dass~

What if you chose to find one thing to appreciate about each situation or person who has ever been a challenge in your life? What if you chose only to speak about that positive thing when prompted into discussion. How do you think that would impact your overall life experience?

Life is a blend of dark and light. Contrasts provide insight and wisdom we could never discover in a one-dimensional world. Everything is multi-faceted; therefore, there is always an opportunity to find the good, assimilate the lesson, or cultivate new strength – no matter the circumstance. You are a culmination of all that you have experienced.

Layer by layer we transcend the levels of consciousness, incorporating energy and lessons, broadening our vision, and setting ourselves free. For most, this is a subtle transformative process rather than an abrupt shift to a new level. Don’t worry about how fast you can awaken, for the joy is in the journey. Embrace the day and discover the secrets it has to offer. Most importantly, love yourself and appreciate those who walk by your side.

Your Sacred Space

A day of gratitude, expansion, healing and growth begins the moment you awaken. If you haven’t properly tended to the energy in the household, layers of emotional sludge begin to build up and it can be challenging to begin the day with a clear heart and mind.

Everything in the home space has a definitive impact upon you. Clutter, broken objects, unfinished projects and unpaid bills emit vibrations that keep you off balance and feeling like you’ll never catch up.

Create a home that is a sacred space of peace, power, growth and transformation. Fill it with loving energy and see it as a place that nurtures your soul. Consider setting an intention that the entryway brings a sense of grace to all who walk through.

Quiet moments tending your garden, reading in the sunshine, doing yoga, playing music, preparing food, meditation, prayer, journaling, residing in conscious breath… anything that soothes your soul is a doorway to peace.

You are the conduit through which the Divine experiences itself in the world of form. With this in mind, look upon life through eyes of wonder, mystery and delight and it will become a sanctuary where your conscious experiences can be honored.

It’s Not Personal

“Life is a continuous ebb and flow, like the seasons, like the ocean’s waves. When we learn to ‘ride’ with them, our life becomes easier, with less resistance.”

~Romy Macias~

Yesterday I was on the receiving end of a barrage of anger from a neighbor. Because I am not bi-lingual, it was difficult to know exactly why she was angry; though, it didn’t take any great psychic ability to get the gist that she didn’t want me to use her trash can. So, responding to that, I simply said that I was sorry and would not do it again in the future. As the yelling continued, I finally was able to indicate my lack of understanding and wished her a good day as she glared at me, seemingly desirous of a confrontation of some sort.

In that moment I could recognize that she was likely triggered by something else prior to the interaction and observed (thankfully) that I had very little egoic engagement. Even if the attack was personal, I couldn’t understand so no reactivity arose within me.

That led me to realize how easily we can walk in the world when we view egoic reactivity as speaking another language. Understand that everyone has their own struggles and more often than not, others’ reactivity is not personal.

If you speak the language of compassion, then anger can be recognized as an entirely different level of communicating. To be gentle with one another, seek only to be aware of your own state of consciousness, own what’s yours, and discard the rest.


Hatred Begets Hatred

“If people can learn to hate they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than it’s opposite.”

~Nelson Mandela~

The ego has a vested interest in being right. It creates opinions based upon ones level of consciousness, attaches to them, and sees opposing viewpoints as wrong. To strengthen itself further, the ego seeks out others to reinforce the story. Collectively these energies come together, strengthen one another and plant seeds of opposition. Fighting against “the other” becomes the only thing that’s important. To further the narrative, any idea of kindness, listening or compromise is viewed as weak. The concept of compassion itself is transformed into aligning with the enemy.

Conversely, intention and commitment combine with humility and are ultimately axiomatic of wisdom. The spiritual seeker understands that as consciousness expands, perceptions change. Broader viewpoints arise within the paradox when one is willing to be flexible, fluid and ever-evolving. The integration of love creates a powerful foundation to operate from as we walk in the world. Each of us has a powerful opportunity to be a light in the darkness. We have purposely chosen to be here now, in this place… how can we demonstrate love?

The Circle of Compassion

Throughout the journey of awakening we discover how deeply connected we are. Compassion arises when we recognize our shared humanity and see our reflections revealed through interactions with others. We experience the contrasts that lead us ever onward in our quest to evolve and remove the layers of illusion that once created blockages and the perception of separation.

In the higher planes of consciousness, awareness expands to include all living things as we feel even more profoundly entwined. We begin to consider our impact on the planet and those with whom we share it. Spiritual awakened choices naturally demonstrate kindness and empathy. Throughout this process; however, many forget to honor themselves as sacred. Remember to also direct compassion inward.

Self-love creates a foundation from which to express your unique gifts. The more balanced you are, the more you have to offer those who grace your life. Through acceptance we create space where others can explore and reveal the best in themselves. And thus, the circle of compassion turns, expands, embraces and receives us as we enter through the doorway of Presence.

This moment is your point of power. Breathe deeply and feel your heartbeat connect with the heartbeat of the Universe.

Spiritual Maturity

“Before we enter the path, we see our experiences in terms of ‘good’ or ‘bad’. Upon truly entering the path, we see them only as opportunities to awaken.”
~Ezra Bayda~
Spiritual maturity is the realization of your true potential. The seeds planted by your life experiences have bloomed into something beautiful that can bring light and joy to the world. The lessons learned from personal suffering foster greater compassion for others who are in the midst of their own challenges. Challenges awaken potential. The greater the challenge, the greater the breakthrough.

Your souls evolution prompts openness rather than protection, innocence rather than knowledge, the desire to learn rather than opine. Let your views and expression of life be gentle, kind and compassionate. See beyond others’ roles and egoic gesturing to the illumination of the soul. With understanding, comes authentic maturity that will enrich the lives you touch.

Honor your journey as sacred and you will transcend all limitation. Infinite possibilities await discovery and there are always new levels to explore. We can help create a world where it is safe to love one another by offering the gift of understanding and integration. The birth of consciousness is arising within you.

Acceptance, Joy and Enthusiasm

In order to bring a higher consciousness to all that we choose to do, each action must be approached with acceptance, joy or enthusiasm. These three states of being bring empowerment to every aspect of our lives. They ensure that we are giving the best of ourselves to the Now.If you are functioning from a space of obligation, resentment, impatience or boredom, you will find that you are creating pain for yourself as well as for those around you. At the very least, move into acceptance. Even tasks that aren’t “fun” can be transformed into awakened doing. Acceptance means that you are at peace with whatever needs to be done.

If you cannot access one of these three states, immediately stop what you are doing. Remember that you are responsible for your own state of consciousness in the present moment and shift your thoughts and motivation into a healthier vibration.

Joy and enthusiasm create a flow of expansion and positive change in your life. When you bring these heightened dimensions of energy to your actions, everything becomes an opportunity to awaken. You’ll find yourself discovering the sacred within the mundane and life itself will rise up to meet you.

Self Approval

“Our self-images define our own boundaries, limiting us to the narrow ideas of who we believe ourselves to be.”
~Ezra Bayda~

If you’ve ever spent time with someone who criticized your every move, always found fault with your choices or nit-picked the decisions you’ve made, you’d likely consider that person to be toxic, and would probably limit your interactions.

Yet, the unkindness perpetrated by others often pales in comparison to the dialogue of our inner critic. Many people place impossible demands upon themselves and carry the mental weight of perceived mistakes, lost opportunities, guilt or shame.

Should you observe negative self-talk, stop and change the momentum of your thoughts. Affirmations, gratitude and self-love can shift the energy into a more productive direction. Instead of demanding that you be perfect, seek to transform your experience through conscious acceptance. Don’t hate your way to change. Let love open you to the transformative energy that is all around you.

Ultimately, since the world is our reflection, we can actively practice kindness on every level: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. As your self-love increases, you’ll notice that you complain less. Acceptance, compassion, balance and harmony are the by-products of of a person who is at ease in the present moment.

I Am Consciousness

What you see and experience is about 1% of what is truly occurring at any given moment. We are infinite beings living a temporary human experience. Threads of energy connect all things and light is constantly flowing through those connections, weaving a tapestry of exquisite design.

You are consciousness experiencing itself through human experience. Within that realm of existence the goal is to expand until we recognize our true nature. No matter how it appears, love is waiting to emerge in every situation and you are supported and guided every step of the way.

Shakespeare once wrote “All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players.” For any play to be successful, the actors must embrace and lose themselves within the part, creating belief through their interpretation of the role they have been given. Thus is it with the human experience. Everyone is playing his or her role perfectly, ultimately contributing to our collective lessons. As an awakened spiritual being, it’s important to learn how to participate while also recognizing your infinite nature, seeing beyond appearances and limitation.

Observe your life experience. Open your heart to what life is trying to teach you in the present moment. You are awakening.