Frequency Holders

Some people are here to play the role of Frequency Holder. Their purpose is to facilitate the growth of others by providing a calm sense of security and safety for those around them. These beautiful beings quietly walk among us creating safe space, and should you find yourself in that position, realize the value your mere presence brings.

Since each situation affects beings of all vibrational levels – from fear to bliss, and everything in between – the Frequency Holder provides a compassionate response by being willing to listen without judgment. Instinctively, they do not get drawn into drama or negativity but simply remain a source of love during challenging times. Strangers feel safe in sharing their life story and the uninitiated inadvertently cling to them because of their calm energy.

If this is your role (whether temporarily or throughout your entire lifetime), remember to lovingly define your boundaries. Take care of your balance – mind, soul and body – and replenish your energy often. Know that your presence, your outlook and your guidance play a significant part in the ongoing evolution of the planet.

Today my intention is to celebrate life and radiate warmth and love.


Life responds to you

All of life responds to you. From the way you create relationships – with others, the world, concepts and possibilities – to how you experience your work and passion to the way you nurture yourself… you set the stage. Your thoughts have power and as you release those that are limiting or damaging, you’ll have the freedom to create something entirely new. Along the way, others come in to assist us in this healing process. Patterns repeat, we replay various circumstances which provide opportunities to recognize the limitations that we were taught or inferred as children. What we attract mirrors our beliefs.

Running away (physically, mentally, or emotionally) will never clear a pattern. We must turn and face our challenges consciously. Doing so teaches empowerment and as we change, the world around us is transformed. Know that deep in the center of your being is an infinite well of love… and limitless possibilities await.

Today my intention is to live totally in the Now, experiencing each moment as the profound expression of the Divine in physical form.

Staying true to your path

Nothing will bring you greater joy than living in your integrity. When you are in balance and staying true to your unique path, an inner sense to peace and joy takes over your being which far outweighs any opposition you may encounter (whether internal or external). Some people get distracted by the perceived complexities of daily living – keeping up with the bills, working hard, playing harder, and many postpone fulfilling the true purpose of their existence. This world is our playground. It is a construct which allows us to evolve – lifetime after lifetime, learning a little more each time around – until we discover our Oneness with one another and with the Divine.

Everything in your experience is arranged to aid you in this process of awakening to your infinite nature. Layer by layer old energy is released, making way for something new to emerge. We learn to utilize our mind as a tool instead of allowing it to rule our lives and seek fulfillment in the Now. No matter how you choose to walk the journey, you will ultimately discover the beauty which once seemed to elude you. The higher your vibration, the simpler things become. You will find that you no longer get entwined within distraction (those periods becoming shorter and shorter until they fade away completely) and bring this calm sense of purpose to all that you do.

You are a master in the process of awakening… as are we all.

Today my intention is to become one with the energy of the air, the mountains, the trees and creatures of the earth… and love.

Breakthrough to innocence

When you have reached a place where you are at peace with what you have and what you have experienced, a sense of grace will fill your life and others will recognize the radiant energy of innocence and joy which emanates throughout your being. Typically, this wonder comes after many experiences which broaden your perception while allowing you to fully discover your unique talents and gifts. Then the world becomes a safer place – one in which you can commune with the Divine through everyone and everything.

To get to this point, you may need to periodically break through the perceived minutia of your life. Shift existing patterns (even if you’re afraid of making a mistake) and create movement in a new direction. The key is to drop everything that you have accepted from others – perceptions, limitation, obligation or desires – and step into the newness, open and ready to receive.

When you’re willing to take a risk, you’ll be amazed at the vitality and empowerment which flows through your experience. Life’s greatest adventure is to break through old patterns consciously.

Today my intention is to experience the ever-changing wonder of life.


The souls who grace our lives

The souls who grace our lives with their presence have one purpose – to facilitate our spiritual growth and awakening. Ultimately, what they desire most is that you find your unique way of being in the world and fulfill your soul’s mission; however, this is most often accomplished by challenging what you believe or playing devils advocate until you find the strength to stand on your own.

Bless those who challenge you for they are truly your healing angels. When you approach these situations with inner balance and a loving heart, you’ll discover that you absolutely have the ability to rise above the physical version of events in order to see the from spiritual perception. From this vantage point, the truth will make itself known to you.

Cease your resistance to what is. Fighting is a waste of your precious life force and ability; rather, compassionately stand in your truth, be love and embrace the journey with unbridled enthusiasm. This is the moment of transformation.

Today my intention is to say of prayer of gratitude for everyone who has ever played a role on my journey of awakening.

How to carry your happiness into the world

Anyone can be Zen while living secluded on a mountain top far away from the drama and headaches of the world. But, how do we bring that peacefulness down from the mountain and carry it with us throughout the journey of life? Spiritual awakening is not about avoidance but how we interact with others (and ourselves) within the complexities of life.

Since our world is a reflection of our inner state of consciousness, it then stands to reason that the more peaceful we are, the more that is reflected back – no matter what physical events are happening around us. The spiritual work always needs to come first. Whatever tools you prefer to use, use them consistently to keep yourself in balance. Simplify your desires, create a comfortable and peaceful home, take baby steps and make decisions with a calm mind.

Some people spend many hours meditating – it’s the best part of their day. But if interrupted they become frustrated or they experience daily challenges with greater intensity because the energy is such a contrast to the peace that was momentarily created that morning. This is an example of temporal peace which was based upon the atmosphere at the time of meditation rather than created and experienced from within.

This moment is all you have. While it does take effort to remain fully conscious in the Now, it is the greatest gift that you can give yourself. You have an opportunity to carry the energy of the Divine into the world and share it simply by being the most balanced and peaceful version of yourself that you can.

Today my intention is to constantly find new and beautiful ways of looking at the world.

Creating space for something new

In the ever-shifting flow of life there is a constant movement of growth and change. We are forever in the process of endings and beginnings, expanding into new areas of understanding and recognizing the validity of what serves us best on the journey. Don’t fear the amazing potential that wishes to express itself through you. Underneath the layers of thought and belief lies an infinite source of life that lovingly waits to be explored.

It’s important to periodically go within and take stock of your energetic balance as well as recognizing and giving yourself credit for how far you’ve come on the journey of awakening. All the answers that you require are within you; however, because it can be challenging to see ourselves clearly, we learn how to utilize the reflection provided by the world. Should you find yourself judging, staying in the story, blaming or replaying old events in the mind, recognize that you are distracting yourself from going within. Observation creates awareness. Awareness creates movement… and movement creates the space for something new to be experienced.

Today my intention is to rejoice in the knowledge that I have the power of my own mind to use in any way I choose… and I choose to celebrate life.

Conscious suffering

Spiritual practice has little to do with logical explanations. The mind will always question ‘Why?’ when challenges arise. This desire for knowledge is an egoic trap which tells us that we must understand in order to alleviate our discomfort. Any reasons we discover – psychological, physiological, karmic, etc. – are only part of the story. Oneness teaches us that everything is interconnected – and the infinite nature of complexity means both that we can discover multiple approaches that help us on our journey as well as the truth that, as humans, our vision and ability to understand is very limited.

There are blinders that obscure our vision. Deep understanding never lies within the cognitive world of ‘why’ but in experiencing the complexity of the present moment with an openness that defies explanation. Ezra Bayda, in “Saying YES to Life (Even the Hard Parts) states that “Ego-based suffering is generated by the complex of believed thought and unpleasant sensations.” Yes, we encounter both minute and life-changing challenges as we navigate the Path of Transformation and during each, the spiritual seeker has the option to suffer consciously. The contrast we discover between the mechanisms of the mind and the playfulness we experience when we feel balanced and connected is the paradox that teaches through the human condition in a way that leads us ever closer to the Divine.

All things work to our highest good (whether we have the ability to see it now or later). When clarity eludes us, we can take one more conscious step forward knowing that each moment is part of our unique journey of awakening. Faith in the process of your development is key. All of us do the best we can we what we have and there are gifts to be discovered in the midst of every challenge.

Today my intention is to open new doors to life. Gifts of love and experience await.

You are a master in the process of awakening

Spiritual awakening is nothing more than emerging from the dream of thought into the power of the present moment. We don’t achieve happiness by rearranging the circumstances of life but by the willingness with which we approach it. Many people are trapped by desire or fear. This is what happens when we forget that the mind is a tool (and sometimes a teacher) and allow it to run our lives.

Do you know someone who seems to create excessive drama in their own experience and the lives of those around them? They are trapped by the mechanisms of the mind and haven’t yet reached a point where they can awaken. These beautiful souls mirror to us the struggle that we all have from time to time and they simply do not know any better. Approach these circumstances with compassion and healthy boundaries. In this manner, you will retain your own balance and subtly teach by example. After all, every one of us knows what it is to be afraid. There is nothing more glorious than the shift into awareness – and we know that this gift awaits everyone when they are ready to receive it.

The moment we realize that life is not as serious as the mind makes it out to be, we discover more and more opportunities to play. Celebrate the joy of being alive as you emerge into the light of your own being. Be ready for something new to flow into your experience and allow the burdens of your heart to disappear. You are a master in the process of awakening…

Today my intention is to remember that the world is my reflection. I am willing to see clearly and love unconditionally.

Playing your way to empowerment

People often create fortresses around themselves as bulwarks against morality. Because they are unaware of their own divinity, they seek solace in fleeting egoic desires such as awards or titles, numbers in a bank account, fame, possessions or accomplishments. Empowerment comes from the willingness to share whatever it is that you are afraid of losing. All treasures become tarnished without use and when you loosen your grip, you’ll discover the freedom that expansiveness can bring.

Our purpose here is not about things, but the consciousness we discover as a result of how we choose to play with the things of this world. It’s wonderful to enjoy all the physical aspects of being human, but always empowering to remember the richness of your true infinite nature. There is plenty of time and limitless possibilities to explore.

Home is not a physical place but the inner serenity and acceptance that we carry with us. All the inhabitants of the earth – the rocks and plant life, the wind and clouds, birds and flowers and animals – all are our brothers and sisters in the exquisite tapestry of life. Human beings can often forget this in their personal fight to get what they need and create a sense of security… all the while cultivating feelings of desperation and fear.

Release your attachments and become one with the peace of the present moment. From this state of grace and balance, you’ll become more aware than ever before of the fear that most people carry. You have a purpose of this planet. You play an integral part in the evolving consciousness of existence and in that knowledge of a deeper and more meaningful connection, the fear disappears. There is love all around you.

Today my intention is to experience love wherever I go.