Be the Love You Wish to See in The World

Not all wounds are visible.

“The beliefs that are most deeply hidden often have the greatest power over us. Their strength dissipates as they are brought into the light of awareness.”

~Ezra Bayda~

Some lessons of spiritual growth cut right to the core of our being. They bring up painful patterns that get expressed in our interactions; and even as we move toward wisdom, we struggle to break free from old behavior.

Remember that everyone you encounter is working on some aspect of their awakening. Whether conscious or not, the soul is still engaged in whatever situation is required for the growth of all involved.

As a conscious student of love, be willing to bring an unprotected heart to your meeting place. Your kindness, compassion and optimism will shine a light, perhaps bringing new clarity and transformation to challenging situations.

When we choose to release judgmental, restrictive or angry thought patterns, we open to receive Divine blessings of karmic healing. With gratitude and love, the heart becomes a vessel for the expansive energy that helps to heal the world.

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