When you are able to celebrate all life as sacred, there is nothing to fear.

“The great miracle of Zen is in the transformation of the mundane into the sacred… and the miracle of Zen is neither interested in the past nor in the future. Its total interest is in the present. Maybe that’s why the miracle is possible, because the past and the future are bridged by the present.”

As we place our focus on the present moment, we discover that we are entirely capable of handling whatever arises.

Courage is discovered and expressed in the Now. The mind creates future-based fear through the pondering of the unknown – what will the future hold? How will I survive when I am old? What if…? Realize that all thought forms are insubstantial.

Quiet the mind and experience the fullness of this moment. Then act.

When you recognize the sacredness in all things, it brings a different quality into your experience. Operating from a detached sense of unconditional love also brings courage to the surface. Detachment allows us to give without demands. It is a purity that expresses itself through us.

What would your expression of life be if you were fearless? Be that. Do that. Live that. This is the moment of transformation. How will you use it?

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