Saying Yes to Life

Allowing the new to enter your life brings about transformation.

“Looking with a mind that’s awake reveals the shimmering pulse of life. Looking with a mind full of thoughts reveals only your thoughts.”
~Ezra Bayda~

The ego has a fear of the unknown. Why? Because the adventurer, the seeker, the student, the spiritualist learns a new way of being and discovers safety in unexpected places. They are willing to heed the call of new ideas, people, places and experiences and live in a constant state of evolution.

Many people are afraid to go beyond the boundaries of the familiar. Be willing to live each moment with intensity so that you can recognize the many gifts that are available for you.

New experiences help you to grow. New friendships or loves allow you to discover unexplored aspects of your being. Yes, there are risks inherent in adventure; however, all the skills you have cultivated can blend into something new when you choose to say “yes” to living a multi-faceted life.

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