The essence of discernment is stillness.

“Know that you don’t know. That is superior.”

Lao Tzu

It’s helpful to become aware of the difference between a high frequency choice and a low frequency choice. For instance, decision making based on fear is low frequency, while making a decision based upon love is in alignment with higher consciousness. This can apply to anything – friendships, dietary choices, business decisions, life partners and even the small things with which you fill your life such as the music you listen to or the books you read.

The art of Discernment allows us to live with integrity, aligned with our values. All vibrations of purity and intention will cut through the chaos of daily life to provide guidance on your unique Path of Transformation, allowing you to stay true to your values and your spiritual destiny without distraction.

Discernment is not about judging something as good or bad. It is merely the conscious choice to align your life with things that are expansive and joyful rather than limiting or draining. Sometimes you can ask yourself, “Am I looking through the filter of fear or lack, or am I seeing clearly?” Trust your vision, live from the heart and let your life shine, dear one – for that is your path.

No matter what space in which you reside, know that it will evolve into something new if you allow it, for we are always in the midst of growth and change.

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