Multiple levels of consciousness

Everyone processes information based upon their own unique vibration. Life provides the backdrop and the events, and each of us views it through the filter created by our level of consciousness and personal frequency. This is what allows each of us to have a unique experience within the realm of infinite possibility. Where one sees limitation and frustration, another discovers opportunity and breakthrough. Neither approach is right or wrong (though some are certainly more pleasurable from a physical standpoint than others…) and both provide the experience that each soul utilizes to reflect where they are on the Path of Transformation while providing the necessary lessons that will allow evolution to the next level.

When we honor another’s path, we are purposefully choosing to remember that each of us is engaged in a unique dance of awakening. Love allows us to see the value in every journey while maintaining our own level of consciousness. From time to time you may encounter others who demand that you change, that you agree with their perception or attempt to drain your energy through conflict. Based upon where someone is energetically, they simply don’t know any better. By demanding that they understand and accept us, we are not accepting them as they are. The more advanced soul always has the responsibility to act from the highest level of consciousness that they can and many times that is simply a willingness to accept what is and release the need to be “right”… own your own stuff and reject the rest.

Today my intention is to act with integrity, do my best and accept what is.

The art of creation

Our ability to create is discovered when we desire to break free from the patterns, beliefs and experiences which no longer serve our growth. All transformation begins with a thought and expands outward from there. The important thing is to focus on the end result you desire and immediately live it to the best of your ability. What you visualize will come about, though the ego may jump in and attempt to sabotage the process with stories that plant doubt about your worthiness, how long it’ll take or even if you’ll like the outcome of the journey. Trust your initial inspiration, passion and desire and remember that the gentle voice of love is found within the stillness of your being.

Inner resistance is often an indicator that something big is about to change. The patterns that have guided you for a lifetime have played an important role in your soul’s development and while they can become comfortable, expansion is our goal and new facets are discovered each time we stretch beyond the known into the realm of new experience.

Truly life-changing ideas are rarely heralded by a blaze of trumpets… sometimes they are found in a simple thought that pivots our direction. How you approach the present moment is the key – is it merely a means to an end, or are you celebrating your existence and the journey of your soul? Allow joy to lead you.

Today my intention is to take one more conscious step forward.


Love is an open way of relating to others and shows us a reflection of our ability to love ourselves. Many people get caught up in the initial rush of attraction, sexuality and expectations and find themselves limited by their own judgment about what love is. Love is a transformation, it allows us to grow and change and honor the path of another as they change as well. Celebrate the journey and be grateful for those who walk it with you – whether for a moment or for a lifetime – remembering that each of us acts as a mirror for one another.

Those who grace our lives with their presence reflect hidden aspects of ourselves and support us in becoming whole. This authentic love is based in freedom, not holding cherished outcomes or projecting fear-based need. Each level of awakening takes us closer to Oneness. Any moment, any interaction can be transformed into an act of love and compassion. Begin within, being kind and gentle to yourself and you will find that love becomes a sharing of your light without fear.

This is the right time to be who you are and share your gifts… there is no such thing as the wrong time. There is nothing special you need to do, just be your authentic and unique self. You have an opportunity to share your love, your joy and your laughter.

Today my intention is to celebrate the life, love and laughter of the Universe and allow it to flow through me.

Trusting the process of awakening

You are perfection in the present moment. Each step of your journey has brought you here, Now, and you are right where you need to be. In the process of awakening to your true Divine nature, there is always enough time. Do not allow the stories of the ego to plant seeds of doubt regarding past mistakes, should haves, or self recrimination. Even when you find yourself repeating patterns that do not appear to serve your growth, know that they do serve a purpose – sometimes we need to receive information in several different ways before it is accepted completely.

It’s important to learn how to tap into your own strength while learning to flow with what life offers. This flexibility becomes a powerful aspect of your spiritual awakening, creativity and passion. In this ever-evolving world, the mystery of the Infinite continues to unfold, and our role is to grow in wisdom and faith. The love of the Divine is greater than any challenge and you have the potential to be the miracle you seek.

Today my intention is to allow wisdom, love and joy to light my way. I trust the process of my awakening.

Freedom from limitation

Grace and freedom from limitation await you. This moment is the dawning of new understanding and while the idea of infinite possibility may be daunting in its scope, never doubt that adventures await your discovery. All perceived limitation is created by the stories of the mind. It’s natural to encounter trepidation when preparing to spread your wings and fly; however, don’t let it overshadow the opportunities to explore all the amazing things that life has to offer.

Old patterns and beliefs recur in our physical experience until we are ready to recognize and release them. Once this energy is cleared, it becomes possible to see multiple solutions which will allow you to break free of the barriers that once seemed so impenetrable. Bless the challenges that have acted as your teachers, for they have ushered in this era of transformation and empowerment.

Creativity wishes to express itself through you. It doesn’t matter what form this takes – writer, inspired cook, poet, planting a garden, rearranging a room or playing with a child – be open to the new energy which desires to flow into your experience. True creativity, in any form, comes from a unique and mystical union with the Divine and frees you from the mind. When we play in this field of energy, it creates joy both for yourself and for others. Whatever you choose to do, do it with love.

Today my intention is to use my Inner Wisdom to navigate the experiences of my life.

Seek love within

All life is a reflection of our innermost thoughts and beliefs. We project them outward and experience the dance of awakening with the amazing souls who grace our lives with their presence. As we drop the layers of energy that separate us from unconditional love, life begins to flow more smoothly and we witness the transformation of our inner journey in the world around us.

Clarity cuts through the illusion. We release the things which no longer serve our growth, break away from the self-made chains of limitation and enter the joy of stillness. Awakening is nothing more than entering a new dimension of your spiritual journey. Life is not about belief – it is about experiences that allow us to recognize our true infinite nature. This metamorphosis is your birthright.

Once you understand your Divine nature, there will be no more need to create conflict. The old triggers and prejudices, judgment and assumptions will fade away, having served their purpose on your path of transformation. With your wounds healed, you will allow yourself to receive the love and nourishment that is there waiting to flow into your experience. Begin by forgiving yourself for having been asleep… you’re worth it.

Today my intention is to choose harmony and loving communication wherever I am.


Acceptance versus suffering

When one becomes attached to the idea that something in life should be other than what it is, suffering arises. To truly heal, we must experience the discomfort that we hold in each cell of the body and learn from it. This process leads us to acceptance, and the resulting balance and peace that accompany the stillness within. The awakened spirit discovers how to suffer consciously. Each situation has something to teach and as we learn to recognize and process the messages we receive, we find it easier to step into the flow of life.

Likewise, love means allowing others to learn from their suffering rather than trying to take it away. Every soul’s purpose is to awaken and those we love must go through challenges which open the doors of perception, just the same as you have. This empathy allows us to release judgment when we interact with someone else in the midst of their distress. As we cultivate the art of detached compassion, we create a space in which a transformation can occur (rather than adding to the energetic charge of their struggle).

The mind lives in doubt, while the heart lives in trust. Trust the process of your awakening. Know that each step you take has purpose and meaning and that you bring something special to this physical experience because of your unique journey.

Today my intention is to go with the flow, to celebrate life and open my heart to receive all the joy the Universe has to offer.

The journey of Mastery

We have the opportunity to witness the love of the Divine within everything around us. It can be easy to get caught up in the world and miss the multitude of miracles that are unfolding in each moment. Take the time to truly experience life. Through a reverent connection, we approach All-That-Is with a sense of communion and grace, humility and gratitude. Nature has many secrets to share and reflects the ease of transformation.

Too many approach their spiritual journey with a sense of control thinking “If I meditate for x hours per day, visit the world’s sacred places and learn from the right teachers, I will be enlightened.” Everything you need to learn or know is already within you. Exploration and observation are amazing teachers and ultimately we have the opportunity to witness the Divine in this moment with whatever is in front of you. Seek the light in another and you will discover it within yourself.

Each of us walks the journey of Mastery. Ultimately, inner Mastery allows us to be comfortable in the stillness and silence of our being. We welcome others into our lives for the sole purpose of sharing and in the synergy that evolves, we support and celebrate the uniqueness of each person’s journey.

Today my intention is to flow easily with new experiences and new opportunities knowing that everything has a Divine purpose within my life.

How expectation limits us

I hold no cherished outcome…

The human condition is a constant movement from one desire to the next. We plan our day, keep to our schedules, meet our goals and then immediately set our sights upon something new, often seeing the present moment as nothing more than a means to an end.

When we become attached to a particular outcome, we block the flow of infinite possibility. Somewhere down the line, the ego fixates upon a particular person, dollar amount, goal or perceived solution to a problem and decides that anything else will simply not be good enough. Attachment is limiting.

The more you can expand your ability to receive life with an open heart, the greater the amount of joy you will experience. Do set your goals, but leave room for the unexpected. Set the wheels of manifestation in motion with the knowledge that unseen possibilities may aid you along the way. The key to living an awakened life is the very healthy knowledge that our vision is all too often limited by what we see and experience on the physical plane… and there is much more to life than meets the eye.

I am not subject to disappointment…

The amount of disappointment we experience when things don’t go as planned shows us our degree of attachment to a specific outcome. From the level of a soul-crushing letdown to a light irritation and everything in between, disappointment acts as a teacher showing us that we’ve temporarily lost faith in the process of our awakening.

Show up. Be joyful. Utilize the tools at hand. See opportunities to grow and meet life with acceptance. It’s okay to step into the unknown while still walking forward in the direction of your dreams.

Today my intention is to be willing to accept a miracle.

Make your life a prayer

Clarity comes when we transcend all dualities. We observe the yin and yang, the good and bad, and understand the dance of awakening from a higher perspective. During those moments when life seems to pull at you from all directions, remember to take the time to go inward so that you can hear your own truth.

From this state of balance, truth flows through you into all that you do. Whether you choose to reside in stillness, take action, enter into relationship or walk in solitude, your whole life becomes a prayer. This is how we bring grace into the world – by finding it first within and then authentically living it.

Of course, the mind will attempt to reassert its power. Thoughts will trickle in and create a background noise that goes unnoticed as we become distracted by its mechanisms. As soon as you recognize that you are becoming preoccupied by stories or worries, simply notice. Choose stillness and you’ll find that it is patiently waiting.

You have reached a point in your development where a world of possibility has opened for you. There are levels upon levels of perception and experience that await discovery… and no matter how far you have come on the journey of awakening, you have only just begun to tap into the infinite mystery of the Universe.

Today my intention is to open my consciousness to all the wonderful possibilities of life.