The Call of Destiny

Many people prefer to remain in a life of perceived comfort rather than choosing to respond to their souls calling.
“Great individuals show us that we can sacrifice our limiting beliefs to change the nature of the quest from mere survival to destiny. The way of the healer has always been to discard limiting beliefs and turn them into sources of strength and inspiration.”    
~Alberto Villodo~ 

To walk a conscious path toward your destiny is to live with a greater purpose. Most people take the leap toward the unknown when life presents a challenge that forces them to grow; however, as an awakening soul, you can do this purposefully without waiting for life circumstances to force it upon you.

It’s time to heal your past and rediscover your grace. In meditation, you can ask your angels, spirit guides, healing masters and helpers how to become more clear about your life’s purpose and how you can live in alignment with that sacred contract.

This world can be overwhelming. Our relationships, work, dramas and commitments often take center stage, distracting us from our calling. And there it resides, the calling – a pull toward something greater – waiting for us to recognize our purpose.

Ultimately, this journey is our opportunity to discover what’s possible. It’s never too late to open to something new. And while transformation demands sweeping changes that may bring up discomfort, there are beautiful aspects of you still waiting to be explored. Begin by asking, “How may I be of service?” and see where you are led.

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