Creating Peace

The way to create peace in your experience is to become peaceful.

“Peace is not found through seeking peace, but through residing completely in what is.”   
~Ezra Bayda~

Many believe that once they have their lives in order that they will feel peaceful; however, our ascent into peacefulness is what creates a peaceful life. Utilize the mundane daily situations in your experience to cultivate your ability to respond to others in a way that enhances your awareness. This requires acute self-observation.

The moment that tension arises, stop and notice exactly what is going on in your body – where is the tension held? Notice the patterns that arise in your thinking. If you feel reactive, make a conscious decision not to act while emotions are high. Then breathe deeply for a few moments. Settle into the Now with the intention of bringing peace to the situation. You may notice that life circumstances have forced a change in your routine, slowed down the pace of your day or triggered a “This always happens to me!” story. If you want peace in your experience, you must become peace. Once you’ve brought mindfulness to the present moment, you have a greater ability to provide a measured, conscious response no matter what unfolds.

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