The Winds of Heaven


Honor those who grace your life by allowing them room to grow.

“Friendship is the highest form of love. Let friendliness become a quality of your being, a climate that surrounds you, so you are friendly with whomsoever you come in contact.”     

Share your joy, your dance and your light with those who are ready to receive your beautiful energy. The art of friendship begins with gratitude. It must be a sharing. When you demonstrate love and friendliness toward all of life, it is reflected back to you in myriad ways.

The light of your consciousness transforms all that it shines upon. Rather than being trapped by neediness or desire, you become love and your love transforms the energy of those with whom you come in contact.

In every relationship, allow enough room for the winds of heaven to dance in between you. When you come together, enjoy discovering who you are in the presence of the other and when you have time apart, celebrate the fact that your friendship is an expression of trust, harmony and sharing.

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