Love, Light and Laughter

Each of us is a unique expression of the Divine in human form.

“A world full of Love, Light & Laughter. Its time has come. Let’s make it happen.”     

Kindness is never wasted. Pausing to smile or sharing a kind word increases your own store of happiness. When you’re fully immersed in the present moment, it’s easy to become a channel for the love, light and laughter of the universe. The right words will flow and your loving energy will plant seeds that may take root.

When you purposely recognize the sacredness in another, your conscious interaction engages their energy and a healing exchange occurs. These preemptive acts of love are a masterful way of gently guiding your day to unfold in the manner you desire.

Disengage the mind and allow your intuition to assist in your daily navigation through life. You’ll know the appropriate time for stillness, observation, kindness, action or holding space. One barometer of Presence is the ability to act and move forward without second guessing yourself. Once divine energy has expressed itself through you, the transaction is complete.

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