1:4 Formula

Divine energy is full of living, expanding, infinite potential.

“That which I seek is fully expressed within me. Therefore, I have no unfulfilled desires. All is complete. This total fulfillment is etched permanently in my heart. I see it as four patterns of light, the sacred diamond blazing in consciousness with the I AM truth encompassing it.” 
~John Randolph Price~   

When working through a challenge it can be helpful to utilize the 1:4 Formula. Whether writing or speaking, purposely choose to focus the majority of your energy on the positive within the situation – use one sentence to briefly and succinctly state the challenge and four to explore the lesson, gift, possible solutions and conscious way forward.

See yourself as an expression of the love, light and laughter of the universe. Everything in your experience is designed to bring your true sacred nature to the surface. Ultimately, this point of view creates a gratefulness for the challenges we face and allows life to become the vibrant, empowering gift that it is.

Your thoughts have a powerful impact on your energy; therefore, it’s important to direct them accordingly. Bring a higher awareness to what you contribute to our collective consciousness. When every thought, word and action is in alignment with joy, miracles begin to unfold.

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