Each journey is unique

Let your life be your message.

“An ordinary man seeks freedom through enlightenment. An enlightened man expresses freedom through being ordinary.”    

It can be challenging to watch the struggle of someone you love; however, it’s vitally important to allow space while they find their own way to enlightenment. Parent, child, friend, lover, partner – every path is unique and the most loving thing that we can do is provide support as they discover the insights and strength that will transform their experience.

Some can become frustrated when others don’t listen to their wisdom and advice. Gently speak your truth once and then demonstrate what that looks like on the physical plane through your own actions. Your love and compassion will speak far louder than any advice you may have to give. When you are authentic and consistent, those who are ready to awaken will notice and benefit from what you have to offer.

Like a drop of water that eventually erodes rock, consistent conscious action creates permanent change. Your awareness can be a gentle and transformative force for good in the world.

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