Accessing the flow of inspiration

Creation is a natural, spiritual power within you and is accessed not by force, by tryng, but by opening yourself to the flow of inspiration. The act of creation allows the Divine to express itself through you. Whether as intricate as writing a symphony or as delicate as finding common ground with someone you love, call upon the divine light of inspiration and accept support in whatever form it may arise.

Know that you can attract the people, opportunities, inspiration and expression that is needed to manifest the life of your dreams. Focus on the end result – happiness – and allow, surrender and particiate in the flow that begins as a result of your conscious thought and intention.

Open the heart chakra and be willing to dance in the light, love and laughter of the Universe. Sources of inspiration are all around you, find that which resonates with the song of your heart. Movement is a great way to get energy flowing – take a walk, dance, clean house, play with your dog – anything to bring a sense of purpose and joy to this moment. Then, watch it expand into the various areas of your life.

Today my intention is to move into the unknown with a sense of adventure and the trust of a child.

What resistance can teach us…

Often, when you begin to make substantial progress in your own spiritual growth, you’ll find that you encounter resistance from the people around you. It may be surprising to witness pushback from those who will benefit the most from your increasing awareness; however, it’s also the best form of proof that you are indeed evolving to new levels.

As we change, the world around us must change. The resistance you receive serves two purposes: it allows you to continue cultivating the attributes of a spiritual, evolving person and shows how much impact your soul’s growth is having on those around you.

In a relationship, the person of lower consciousness actually has the most difficulty. As one person becomes more empowered, more present, they choose ot to engage in the drama like they may have in the past. The lack of energy exchange is very frustrating for those still engaged in public vampirism.

To create peace within all your interactions, it’s important to also cultivate the qualities of compassion, kindness and gentleness. In this way, you’ll be called upon to be kind to those caught in the grip of resistance or drama – kind enough not to engage. Any decisions will then be based in love.

We can stop the cycle of manipulation, of being manipulated and step into the power of higher consciousness. Those that offer you resistance on the earthly plane, love you the most on the spiritul. See their energy as an indicator of your growth on the Path of Trasformation.

Today my intention is to open my heart to the limitless realms of unconditional love and acceptance.

The integration of energy

There are many dimensions of life available to you now – the known (physical, tangible reality that we experiences through the five senses), the unmanifested (the world of spirit and energy), and the exquisite blend of energies that process through you. You are the unique spark of life which allows the Divine to experience all aspects of the physical world and you are being given the opportunity to expand your perception.

Witness the blend of dark and light, the contrast of highs and lows and open yourself to the idea that everything (and everyone) plays its perfect part in the integration of energies. As you experience balance and healing in your own world, you’ll begin to notice it also in the world around you. This expansion of perception is something that has always been there, though you must be in balance in order to perceive it.

Now is the time to come home to yourself. In the silence of the present moment, stop and breathe. See if you can create a space of stillness in which you connect to the stillness of the Universe. The understanding and insights you receive will manifest later on when you enter a more active phase. The world is constantly changing; however, this silence is eternal – the joy of it remains the same and is always there for you to experience.

Today my intention is to quiet the mind, open the heart and accept the miracles which abound in my world.

Your purpose is to awaken

Your purpose is to awaken. How you choose to accomplish that, and the successes and defeats you encounter along the way are immaterial. Certainly the ego will attach great significance to the world of form; however, the soul desires only experience, expansion and wholeness. Each of us must remember that what we see in the world is an expression of what is projected from within and our role is to observe and release all that blocks us from unconditional love.

I have often heard people say that they want to leave their mark on the world or create something tangible (a book, scientific discovery, invention, successful children…) that will live on, and indeed many will do so. But the remnants of our sojourn here are essentially meaningless next to the bliss of Oneness which awaits.

The state of mind is always in a state of constant movement and distraction… work, run, fear, shout, hope… always reaching for tomorrow. This constant reaching ensures that we miss the most sacred and beautiful experience of all – the Now. This is not to say that you won’t accomplish amazing things, change lives or find freedom from distress, for you most certainly will. However, the power lies in focusing all your energy here and now – giving your full attention to what you have created in this moment, loving where you are and taking one conscious step forward from there.

As our dreams fade upon awakening, so too does the intensity of this incarnation upon our transition and life review. When we step back with those we love to witness the tapestry of our existence together, there is only gratitude, love and the desire to redress any imbalance. And so we come together again and again, the residue of the past lingering in our energy and soul memories, the desire to fulfill our soul’s purpose outweighing all else, moving ever higher in consciousness and joy. Our purpose is to awaken.

Today my intention is to seek love in every situation, and when it cannot immediately be found, may I discover the capacity to bring love wherever it is needed.

The healing power of acceptance

     Whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual, all healing requires an attitude of openness and acceptance. As deeply buried wounds rise to the surface it’s important to learn to allow ourselves to be vulnerable and open in order to receive the love of the Universe. All too often, the tendency is to hold onto old energies out of regret or guilt until one feels worthy of being whole, balanced and healthy. However, it’s important to remember that health is not the absence of illness, it is the state of being undefeated by illness, seeing our challenges as teachers and part of the process of awakening.
     Spend the day accepting whatever comes with an open heart and see what happens. Perhaps you’ll feel a flow of vibrant new energy or notice that your body responds differently to things which once caused stress and tension. There’s no need to wait. Find ways to celebrate the joy within you that wishes to be expressed. There are many opportunities to smile, share, hug, console and support for you, dear one, are a temple of light.
     Awareness heals. In meditation, ask your body what it needs. In the stillness, you might be surprised at the answer that comes. Empowering perception and healthy choices arise from consciousness – it is our unconsciousness, our repeating patterns and feelings of disconnection which create imbalance. Gratitude in the present moment is the doorway to joy and you may discover that you have much to offer.
     Today my intention is to allow all life to flow to me with ease and grace.

Transcending the levels of consciousness

     When I was 15 and filled with teenage angst, I wrote a melancholy song called …And Everything You Love Will Fade Away. I had been soul searching, questioning my spiritual beliefs and residing in the lower levels of consciousness… grief, anger and despair. I poured my heart into my piano and my creativity, unknowingly absorbed in the act of observing, feeling my feelings and healing the pain I chose to carry.
     As I transcend through the levels of consciousness, I often revisit the idea of impermanence. What once caused consternation now opens infinite vistas of possibility and love. Our fleeting interactions become gateways to eternity. The tangible things which come and go in our lives have far less importance than the joy with which we greet them and the ease with which we bid them adieu.
     All vibrational frequencies in the lower levels of consciousness are the result of a perceived disconnect from the Divine. Those that reside in the heavier expressions and perception drain the lifeforce from those around them. Once we cross the threshold of Awakening, we begin to move into new areas of exploration and empowerment and actively participate in the raising of consciousness of the planet. (We are one, after all… and here to help one another)
     When we release all expectation and live in the power of the present moment, it becomes easier to experience the beauty of our sojourn on this remarkable planet. With each step up the stairway to enlightenment – combining intention and observation – we have greater access to our ability to manifest and heal the unbalanced aspects of our lives.
     Welcome each moment with the knowledge that it is here to aid your journey on the Path of Transformation. Immerse yourself into the experience from the highest level of consciousness that you can. Know that each conscious step draws you closer to Oneness that is our ultimate destination.
     Today my intention is to be a loving witness to the sacred in all things.

We are masters in the process of awakening

Today is a blank slate – you can create whatever you wish. Certainly, some situations and opportunities may be ongoing; however, you have the ability to choose how you approach whatever is offered. If you desire change in your life, begin now. Be conscious of the words you use. Greet the day (however it is presented) with love and quiet expectation. Be conscious of how you respond to others and bring an unprotected heart to your meeting place.
Should you interact with someone who is wrapped up in judgment or negativity, realize that they simply don’t know any better. These are learned behaviors, and it’s likely that the imprinting occurred in childhood… long before the moment you are currently witnessing. But we can choose to sow seeds of kindness. We have the option to engage in negativity or bring new energy and light to the situation. Every moment offers an opportunity to discover something new.
The limitless potential and capabilities of each of us are still in the process of being discovered and even the most unconscious person is also a divine being of light and infinite goodness. One’s spiritual beauty is often unrecognized by the conscious self and is a work which is always in progress. Awakening, being, discovering… liberating. You are a master in the process of awakening.
Today my intention is to choose joy. With each breath, I draw in the light, love and laughter of the universe. I honor this moment as sacred.

The power of living from the heart

Yesterday, duck came to visit. He momentarily landed in the yard (seemingly to rest a moment) only to quickly be chased away by my not-so-zen doggies. As a creature who is at ease in the water, duck teaches us to be comfortable with our emotions. The highs and low of emotional responses are the epitome of our human experience.

Many people struggle due to their repressed emotions. No matter what type of baggage someone may carry, it seems to get triggered by the most innocuous of interactions. After a sudden storm of emotional reaction and intensity, both parties are left wondering just what happened.

It’s important to nurture yourself and create a sense of comfort within your own environment as well as with others of like mind. The energy of duck helps us to align with beauty and grace as we swim through the waters of emotional experience. Feel your feelings and process through them in healthy ways – this will help you to walk in a state of higher consciousness instead of reaction.

Ducks, after a squabble, will briefly shake their bodies, flap their winds and swim away calmly. This teaches us the power of release.

Today my intention is to honor the awakening which is experienced through an authentic connection to the present moment. I choose to live from the heart.

Ego-free communication

One of the greatest skills that you can develop is the ability to engage in ego-free communication. Many people are so engrossed in their own stories that they miss an opportunity to truly connect, never realizing that the reason they feel unheard is because they are not taking the time to listen themselves.
When entering into a conversation do your best to be as present and conscious as you can be. If you have an agenda or a specific idea to get across, notice that, but be willing to flow with what is offered without attaching to a particular outcome. When you need to define your boundaries, do so in a clear and kind manner – the other person may not hear or understand (remember, they too are prone to listening through the filters of the ego) and ultimately it’s up to you to ensure that you do not allow others to cross those lines.
Be the change you wish to see. If you want to ensure that your interactions are authentic, be clear within yourself first. You may discover that without the ego’s manipulations, you learn something new about the other person’s life situation, perception or challenges… which was actually the true purpose behind the need to connect in the present moment.
  • Choose not to take things too personal – two unique worlds are momentarily connecting and you may be talking from two significantly different vibrational frequencies
  • Recognize that there is no right or wrong, only various perceptions. The ego equates “winning an argument” with living or dying and it suddenly becomes the more important thing in the world to get the other person to agree with you or understand your perception.
  • Meet the other person where they are. Even if you sincerely disagree, the more you become entrenched in an idea or perception, the more their ego will engage. Instead, listen with an open heart. One approach is to say something like, “I never thought of it in that way before” – this neutrality creates a space for authentic and healthy interactions. Then, you can offer your insight if it feels appropriate in an easy and open manner.
If you choose to see every interaction as an opportunity to learn something, that willingness will be felt by those around you. Imagine a world where no one gets triggered by the actions or words of another… it begins with you.
Today my intention is to be an authentic example of compassion and unconditional love.

Your divine purpose

You have a divine purpose and are now called upon to follow your hearts passion. Old souls often feel that they don’t fit in and that can sometimes be challenging; however, that uniqueness is a gift. You’ll find empowerment when you unplug from mass consciousness and release any beliefs, expectations or thoughts that do not support your spiritual journey. It becomes easier to live your truth when you are aligned with your soul’s purpose.
Those who discover their unique way of being in the world are an inspiration for those around them. Old souls teach by example by sharing their gifts. Embrace the challenges that have helped you to discover your strengths and know that you are right where you need to be.
Periodically observe how far you have come on the journey and the growth you have experienced thus far. Each moment contains limitless possibilities and the way is open before you. As your soul awakens, you’ll discover new ways of being aligned with your truth and will respond differently to the events of your life.
Certainly there can be times when the ego gets a foothold and we may temporarily forget our divinity – this too, is part of the human experience and is a vital aspect of developing the art of compassion. By healing ourselves, we learn how to see through one another’s unconsciousness, rise above reactivity and connect soul to soul in the present moment. Never underestimate the power of acceptance and kindness.
Today my intention is to be a loving reflection. Sharing brings me freedom.