Love is the destination, life is the journey.

Love it the destination, life is the journey.
When I find harmony in my mind, I find it reflected in my life.
Seek love in every situation. The awakened soul has the ability, through expanded perception, to view life differently while consciously choosing to find the way back to peace through detachment, forgiveness, compassion kindness and joy.

The human experience teaches through opposites. Through resistance we learn the value of acceptance. Hatred teaches us the power of love. Lack opens the door to understanding abundance. Loss helps us to discover true value. Beyond these polar opposites is the space in which they occur – the space of infinite possibility.

You can measure how far you’ve come by observing the intensity of your emotional responses to life. Healthy neutrality and compassion indicate that you’ve released your triggers around a given situation. Reactionary actions or emotions, re-living the story or seeking others to agree with you and support your perception indicates that there are still aspects of the lesson or imbalance to address.

Everyone is playing a role in your awakening. Honor those who grace your life by bringing the best version of yourself to the present moment.

Today my intention is to learn all that I can from every experience.
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