You are right where you need to be

You are right where you need to be.
Every experience I have leads me to a greater knowledge of my purpose here on earth.
~ Louise Hay
Whether consciously seeking enlightenment or not, every soul on the planet is engaged in the process of awakening. The threads which bind us together provide the perfect experience as we weave the tapestry of existence, moment by moment.

Lack of awareness creates conflict. For each person, this internal conflict is projected outward. Collectively, lack of awareness is what creates wars and conflict between countries.

“Blaming is an addiction. Justifying ourselves can keep us lost in our stories for hours, days, and even years. Blaming puts the focus on the perceived faults of the other and lets us evade the necessity of directing out attention inward. Blame always separates, always disconnects. Overcoming addiction to blaming is an absolute prerequisite to experiencing connectedness that is the essence of who we are.”
~Ezra Bayda

Notice the human tendency to blame. Do your best not to participate or feed this energy in your own experience. The first step to healing conflict is to refrain from blaming. Complaining and blaming are the ego’s way of creating a sense of superiority. The need to be right or vindicated in some way distracts from our inner work. Instead, focus upon the solution. Become a source of love and kindness in your thoughts, words and actions.

Know that each of us is doing the best we can based upon our current level of consciousness, karmic agreements and imprinting. As we evolve, we do better, ultimately moving toward Oneness and love.

Today my intention is to easily flow with new experiences and new opportunities.
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