Moving beyond limitation

All problems are created by limiting thoughts and beliefs.
I move beyond limited human-mind thinking and align myself with the infinite Divine Mind,
where all things are possible.
~ Louise Hay~

Your energy is infinite, part of the expanding consciousness of the Universe. The human condition creates experiences of contrast, limitation and paradox as a means to rediscover the limitless freedom of the Divine.

Everything is sacred for those who look through enlightened eyes. As you learn to see beyond what is presented in physical form, you’ll discover divinity in every dimension. There is as much to learn from observing the opening of a flower as there to be found through years of study with a guru.

The beauty of life can only be known through participation. Has your life been a celebration or a sadness? Have you actively chosen empowerment or hidden from pain?

When choosing to live as a thriving, vibrant expression of the Divine, your whole quality of life changes. In the midst of challenge, you’ll create a sense of peace and balance. When witnessing others pain or dysfunction, compassion and kindness will lead your response. Everyone becomes a participant in your awakening.

Embrace your unique way of being in the world. Be aligned with love. Never stop growing. Radiate the Presence of the Divine in every situation.

Today my intention is to remember that peace begins with me. The more inner peace I have, the more I can share with others.
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