The tapestry of existence

A drop in water
In every moment, we are weaving a tapestry of exquisite design.
I now choose to recognize the magnificence of my being.
~ Louise Hay~
There is great strength to be found in surrender. The ego demands reaction to the challenges of our lives, planting the desire to “fix” or change unpleasant situations. The awakening soul has learned the value of patience. Any worthwhile transition takes us into the unknown – this is a time full of mystery as we sail into uncharted waters.

Know that you are constantly emitting waves of energy that travel throughout the Universe. With this in mind, be conscious of what you choose to send out into the world. When off balance or angry, go within and process through whatever has triggered you. This is how we cultivate mastery in our daily experience. Your inner wisdom will assist you in any needed responses to life.

Speed and urgency make us confused and restless. Patience allows us to move with grace and trust. This is the moment of transformation. Honor the processes of your awakening.

Bringing conscious awareness to the present moment ensures that you are expressing the best version of yourself. Be thrilled by your journey through the unknown. Be open and willing to receive.

Today my intention is to remember that the Universe totally supports every thought I choose to think and believe.
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