Living from the heart

The choice is yours. You can run from your fears or live from the heart.
I open my consciousness to the expansion of life. There is plenty of room for me to grow and change.
~Louise Hay~
“All of our defensive maneuvers in relationships, especially our anger and blame, are born out of fear – of rejection, of being alone, of being controlled, of not getting what we want, of intimacy, of inadequacy, of unworthiness. The path to harmonious relationships requires acknowledging and facing these fears. In relationship difficulties, only by being directly present with our core pain – not as a concept, but as a complex of uncomfortable bodily sensations – can we take a step beyond thinking, beyond self-justifying, and beyond the enslavement of our narrow agendas.”
~Ezra Bayda~

When we are attached to an idea of how life should be, and it differs from what we are experiencing, pain ensues. The awakened soul has the ability to turn and face whatever fears arise, thus, addressing the imbalance while it is smaller and more manageable. If we allow the mind to create and repeat stories that reinforce the original attachment, energy is fed into the problem increasing it’s presence in our lives. Choose instead to bring peace and balance into your experience. Become a channel for light to enter your life.

The more you see any challenges you encounter as vehicles of awakening, the more compassion you’ll cultivate for others who struggle with their own challenges. This empathy teaches us the value of creating space in relationships, allowing each person to thrive and grow as the winds of heaven dance in between.

Today my intention is remember that every experience I have plays a role in my awakening. I am a lifetime student of love.
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