Seek love within

All life is a reflection of our innermost thoughts and beliefs. We project them outward and experience the dance of awakening with the amazing souls who grace our lives with their presence. As we drop the layers of energy that separate us from unconditional love, life begins to flow more smoothly and we witness the transformation of our inner journey in the world around us.

Clarity cuts through the illusion. We release the things which no longer serve our growth, break away from the self-made chains of limitation and enter the joy of stillness. Awakening is nothing more than entering a new dimension of your spiritual journey. Life is not about belief – it is about experiences that allow us to recognize our true infinite nature. This metamorphosis is your birthright.

Once you understand your Divine nature, there will be no more need to create conflict. The old triggers and prejudices, judgment and assumptions will fade away, having served their purpose on your path of transformation. With your wounds healed, you will allow yourself to receive the love and nourishment that is there waiting to flow into your experience. Begin by forgiving yourself for having been asleep… you’re worth it.

Today my intention is to choose harmony and loving communication wherever I am.


Acceptance versus suffering

When one becomes attached to the idea that something in life should be other than what it is, suffering arises. To truly heal, we must experience the discomfort that we hold in each cell of the body and learn from it. This process leads us to acceptance, and the resulting balance and peace that accompany the stillness within. The awakened spirit discovers how to suffer consciously. Each situation has something to teach and as we learn to recognize and process the messages we receive, we find it easier to step into the flow of life.

Likewise, love means allowing others to learn from their suffering rather than trying to take it away. Every soul’s purpose is to awaken and those we love must go through challenges which open the doors of perception, just the same as you have. This empathy allows us to release judgment when we interact with someone else in the midst of their distress. As we cultivate the art of detached compassion, we create a space in which a transformation can occur (rather than adding to the energetic charge of their struggle).

The mind lives in doubt, while the heart lives in trust. Trust the process of your awakening. Know that each step you take has purpose and meaning and that you bring something special to this physical experience because of your unique journey.

Today my intention is to go with the flow, to celebrate life and open my heart to receive all the joy the Universe has to offer.

The journey of Mastery

We have the opportunity to witness the love of the Divine within everything around us. It can be easy to get caught up in the world and miss the multitude of miracles that are unfolding in each moment. Take the time to truly experience life. Through a reverent connection, we approach All-That-Is with a sense of communion and grace, humility and gratitude. Nature has many secrets to share and reflects the ease of transformation.

Too many approach their spiritual journey with a sense of control thinking “If I meditate for x hours per day, visit the world’s sacred places and learn from the right teachers, I will be enlightened.” Everything you need to learn or know is already within you. Exploration and observation are amazing teachers and ultimately we have the opportunity to witness the Divine in this moment with whatever is in front of you. Seek the light in another and you will discover it within yourself.

Each of us walks the journey of Mastery. Ultimately, inner Mastery allows us to be comfortable in the stillness and silence of our being. We welcome others into our lives for the sole purpose of sharing and in the synergy that evolves, we support and celebrate the uniqueness of each person’s journey.

Today my intention is to flow easily with new experiences and new opportunities knowing that everything has a Divine purpose within my life.

How expectation limits us

I hold no cherished outcome…

The human condition is a constant movement from one desire to the next. We plan our day, keep to our schedules, meet our goals and then immediately set our sights upon something new, often seeing the present moment as nothing more than a means to an end.

When we become attached to a particular outcome, we block the flow of infinite possibility. Somewhere down the line, the ego fixates upon a particular person, dollar amount, goal or perceived solution to a problem and decides that anything else will simply not be good enough. Attachment is limiting.

The more you can expand your ability to receive life with an open heart, the greater the amount of joy you will experience. Do set your goals, but leave room for the unexpected. Set the wheels of manifestation in motion with the knowledge that unseen possibilities may aid you along the way. The key to living an awakened life is the very healthy knowledge that our vision is all too often limited by what we see and experience on the physical plane… and there is much more to life than meets the eye.

I am not subject to disappointment…

The amount of disappointment we experience when things don’t go as planned shows us our degree of attachment to a specific outcome. From the level of a soul-crushing letdown to a light irritation and everything in between, disappointment acts as a teacher showing us that we’ve temporarily lost faith in the process of our awakening.

Show up. Be joyful. Utilize the tools at hand. See opportunities to grow and meet life with acceptance. It’s okay to step into the unknown while still walking forward in the direction of your dreams.

Today my intention is to be willing to accept a miracle.

Make your life a prayer

Clarity comes when we transcend all dualities. We observe the yin and yang, the good and bad, and understand the dance of awakening from a higher perspective. During those moments when life seems to pull at you from all directions, remember to take the time to go inward so that you can hear your own truth.

From this state of balance, truth flows through you into all that you do. Whether you choose to reside in stillness, take action, enter into relationship or walk in solitude, your whole life becomes a prayer. This is how we bring grace into the world – by finding it first within and then authentically living it.

Of course, the mind will attempt to reassert its power. Thoughts will trickle in and create a background noise that goes unnoticed as we become distracted by its mechanisms. As soon as you recognize that you are becoming preoccupied by stories or worries, simply notice. Choose stillness and you’ll find that it is patiently waiting.

You have reached a point in your development where a world of possibility has opened for you. There are levels upon levels of perception and experience that await discovery… and no matter how far you have come on the journey of awakening, you have only just begun to tap into the infinite mystery of the Universe.

Today my intention is to open my consciousness to all the wonderful possibilities of life.

Life is a mystery to be lived

There are many ways that we tie ourselves to safe routines and block spontaneity from entering our experience. Life is a mystery to be lived and traveling through uncharted waters can teach us wondrous and amazing things.

Notice when you fall into old patterns of behavior. Whether productive or destructive, they are still patterns that you have already perfected. It’s time to discover new aspects of your personality that are ready to shine.

In every situation you have a choice – you can resist or accept, remain stagnant or grow, take a risk or play it safe. Be courageous enough to explore and discover your potential. It’s true that nothing is guaranteed… We live in a free will Universe and the beauty of it all is that we are in a constant process of creation, communion and Oneness. Love is based in freedom, not expectation or need. The movement toward joy will always lead you in the right direction.

Today my intention is to recognize that every moment provides me an opportunity to become more of who I am.

The perfection of Now

It can be difficult to see the perfection which is inherent within all situations while you are still immersed within them. However, if you choose to operate from this premise and hold the energy of Willingness, the movement towards understanding becomes quicker as you progress along the Path of Transformation.

Divine Love is always in control. Humankind has built up layers of false belief, emotional and psychological triggers and judgments that need to be cleared. We first work on clearing our own energetic field through personal experience. From there, we tackle more collective issues – male/female, ancestral, cultural, global and planetary. As your vision expands into the concept of Oneness, this natural progression of healing occurs on multiple levels.

Never underestimate the value of the spiritual work you are doing. Even when things seem stagnant or you feel that you struggle within a limiting pattern of expression, the breakthrough of understanding can happen in any moment. One day, clarity ensures and an “aha” moment can clear away years of old energy.

We are all in the process of change. Anyone can shift at any moment, and the most loving thing that one can do is to create a space in which transformation can occur. This is done through taking personal responsibility, releasing blame, finding your own integrity and holding the space of love for those with whom we come in contact.

Open your consciousness to the expansion of life. There is plenty of room to grow and change, and regardless of how it looks, we are all doing the same work.

Today my intention is to be grateful for all that has brought me here, Now.


How do you replenish your spirit?

How do you replenish your spirit? As energetic, spiritual beings, we process incredible amounts of energy and information every day. Some gets absorbed into your personal energetic field, some accumulates in the home or work space or is stored in the subconscious mind. It goes without saying that one can quickly become overwhelmed and it’s vitally important to have the tools which will realign your balance.

It’s empowering to know the things that can quickly realign you and a demonstration of love to take the time to nurture yourself. The ego, as your teacher, will often plant the idea that putting yourself first is selfish. People have a tendency to give and give until they are depleted – and all in the name of love. And yet, in that depleted state, we become impatient, frustrated, sick or drained and events typically force us to rest until we are once again ready to move forward.

The most loving thing that you can do is take time throughout the day to tend to your own energetic balance. Take frequent pauses to breathe and draw your attention to the present moment. Purposefully step away from your work or interactions and take a walk outside. Quiet the mind and move the body. Listen to music that soothes or uplifts. Visit places that realign your energy or hug a tree. Speaking with members of your soul’s support group can also bring you into balance, as can energy work, body work, meditation or taking a shower with the conscious intent of cleansing yourself on all levels – mind, body and spirit.

No matter how you choose to replenish your spirit, you’ll feel the effects immediately. Periodically take stock of yourself. The more quickly you notice the imbalance, the easier it will be to correct its effect within your energetic field. Mindfulness and awareness are powerful healers.

Today my intention is to listen to the voices of nature… to recharge, realign and draw upon the power of the mountains who serve to remind me that there is enough time for anything.


The wonder of communion

Spiritual maturity allows the freedom of unlimited movement. One is no longer controlled by external events but by an inner stillness which offers a sense of peace and connection. This moment carries a gift – consider the energetic base you are creating and realize that the joy you feel is merely another aspect of your growth. Each of us walks the Path of Transformation, and no matter where you are on your journey, the light of love is leading you onward.

Find the reflection of yourself in all the beauty that you witness… The Divine sparkles in the morning dew. It vibrates within every sound you hear and resides in the core of your being. Find the infinite within nature, art, inventions, exploration and dance. Experience the feeling of wonder itself in communion with all that surrounds you.

When we recognize that we are One, how can we harm another or the world around us? How can we harm ourselves? Life has many secrets to share when we become willing to listen. This is the opportunity to expand your perception and hear the voice of the Divine which is calling you home… and how beautiful is the discovery that home is already within you?

Give up the illusion of control by allowing spontaneity, openness and vulnerability into your experience. Pay attention to the messages of your body – stress indicates that you are forcing something, while ease and joy are your true birthright.

Today my intention is to accept myself completely and create peace and love in my heart.

Creating transformation

When you wish to manifest positive changes in your life, it’s important to ensure that your thoughts, words and actions are in alignment with your end goal. It can be debilitating to work hard to create transformation and then hear yourself saying things like, “…but it probably won’t work…”

Visualization should take no more than 4-5 minutes a day. It’s important to remain conscious and present in the Now and excessive daydreaming about a possible future is ego-based. A powerful way to shift your energy into high gear is to state your intention, focus on the end result for a few minutes, feel the emotions associated with joy and empowerment and then take action.

This sets the wheels in motion. The Divine will greet you with surprises, chance encounters and help along the way. Worrying about the “hows” or “shoulds” has no place in manifestation. Know that you can create a life that is filled with happiness and fulfillment because you are a child of light in an abundant, infinite Universe. Change begins by choosing to be happy in the present moment while taking one conscious step forward in the direction of your dreams.

Gratitude opens your energy to receive more things for which you can be grateful. It is the high frequency component of an empowered life.

Today my intention is to celebrate the journey.