Know thyself

Act with integrity, do your best, accept what is. “Stop playing it safe by trying to avoid adversity. Act from the heart and let circumstances unfold as they will.”     ~Ezra Bayda~  You have something unique to offer the world. As you rise above fear, your choices will reflect your passion, joy and kindness. […]

Infinite ways to grow

This moment is filled with infinite possibility. “What happens when we slow down and pay attention? Everything! innumerable delights are right at hand.”     ~Ezra Bayda~  No matter how far we have already come, no matter how much we have learned, remember that we have barely scratched the surface of what is possible. The […]

Transformative right action

It’s time to put down all that doesn’t serve you. “We cling to our beliefs, even when we know they cause us suffering. We maintain our illusions, even when they make us miserable. We know this, but we refuse to act on it.”     ~Ezra Bayda~  There is no need to struggle. As you […]

Thrive, participate, awaken

You bring something beautiful to the world that will never be seen again. “My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.”     ~Maya Angelou~  When you are able to share your gifts with the world, something […]


Enjoy the experience of being a physical being. “True detachment isn’t separation from life but the absolute freedom within your mind to explore living.”     ~Ron. W. Rathbun~  Detachment is worlds away from apathy. It allows us to explore friendships, experience the joy of work, study new belief systems, learn from other cultures, feel […]

Life responds

You are more powerful than you realize. “The big question is whether you’re going to be able to say a hearty yet to your adventure.”     ~Joseph Campbell~  Empowerment means that we take full responsibility for how our life experience unfolds. Even seemingly random events or coincidences have their beginnings in the workings of […]

Be still

You are the stillness in which life happens. “One of the most powerful tools for awakening truth in the midst of your chaotic daily life is to take frequent pauses. Simply stop for a moment and feel what your life is right now. Right now: stop reading and simply experience what this moment feels like.”  […]

Transforming consciousness

Be the love you wish to see in the world. “The modalities of awakened doing are acceptance, enjoyment or enthusiasm. each one represents a certain vibrational frequency of consciousness. You need to be vigilant to make sure that one of them operates whenever you are engaged in doing anything at all – from the most […]


Recognize the sacredness in all that you see. “The small things in life have to be transformed by your inner transformation. This I call the religious quality; everything becomes sacred. Taking a bath, making love, eating food, going to sleep – everything becomes sacred.”    ~Osho~  Experience the world around you without interpretation. Simply look […]

A calm mind

The ego treats the present moment as if it is less important than future moments. “When you are present, when your attention is fully in the Now, that Presence will flow into and transform what you do. There will be quality and power in it. You are present when what you are doing is not […]