Mercury Retrograde

A few times a year Mercury goes retrograde. Typically this impacts us on the physical plane by adding extra challenges around communication, contracts, travel and mechanical malfunction. Since this is a repetitive energy, it’s helpful to weave it into your consciousness work. Don’t avoid challenges; choose to face them with patience and humor.

Yesterday as I went to write, my computer just sat thinking… and thinking… and thinking. After waiting about 30 minutes for things to flow, I decided to accept what is, let go of the idea of creating my normal Wow Moment, and go back to bed. While consistency is a big part of my personal practice, my state of consciousness is more important.

It was nice to observe that the ego was nearly non-existent in that moment. I tried and the energy didn’t flow. So, I moved on to gratitude and had a lovely day.

Since Mercury Retrograde stays in play through May 14th, you may benefit from observing it’s influence in your own experience. Give yourself extra time in case you need to be flexible, communicate mindfully, laugh at life a little and journal whatever arises. Like everything else, our collective experiences provide wonderful opportunities for growth.


“Creativity is the state of consciousness in which you enter into the treasury of your innermost being and bring the beauty into manifestation.”
~Torkom Saraydarian~

The energy behind creation is filled with the life force of the infinite. Consider that there are always new facets to explore, each of which will reveal something that your spirit is ready to learn.

Ancient wisdom is ready to feed your consciousness and transform your life. When you choose to explore with innocence, faith and wonder, you prepare yourself to take a risk and experience something new. You are the conduit between the mystic and the mundane.

It’s imperative to release any limiting beliefs or energetic blockages that slow down the flow of energy. Let the measure of peace in your experience be your barometer. The clearer you are, the more balanced your response to life will be.

Failure is an important aspect in this process. When we miss the mark, we can simply observe, adjust, and act. We learn a great deal from our mistakes and then try again armed with knowledge that we will either succeed or learn. Don’t play it safe. You are here to thrive, to awaken and to love.


Abundance is having more than you need. The energy around money offers an array of opportunities to examine our core beliefs. Since everything is energy, your perception creates your experience. There are those who always need to chase the next deal or reach the next level of wealth. If this an aspect of your journey in this lifetime, observe the joy you experience around doing so. Weave it into your spiritual work and watch the energy flourish.

If your primary focus is elsewhere such as artistry, family, healing, etc., recognize that abundance comes in many forms. Part of the physical experience is honoring the flow that is created when following a passion or trusting that one can attract what is needed for a fulfilling, expansive life.

Gratitude and appreciation are powerful magnets. Even the act of drinking water, done mindfully, can be experienced as a recognition of abundance.

This world offers contrast as a means of learning, so we also may explore the nuances of abundance by experiencing lack. The struggle can show where energy is blocked, and through addressing limiting beliefs we can tap into our infinite potential.

Sharing is powerful. When we give of our time, wisdom and energy we create space to receive the many gifts that life has to offer.

Exploring the Infinite

“To clarify ‘eternal’ just a smidge… Once the river of time has rounded her final bend, and the last star in the sky has brightened its last night, and every child who may ever be conceived has been given ten thousand names… we will have just begun.”
~Mike Dooley~

When pondering the infinite, one might consider the continual expansion of the universe, the depth and breadth of the ocean, or the workings of the human mind, but how often do we truly explore inward?

Rather than seeking outside validation of your worth, seek instead to expand your consciousness. The nuances you discover will bring new dimension into your overall experience. Explore without attachment. Feel deeply. Love often. These are the gifts of an awakened life.

No matter how much we have learned or how far we have come, it’s important to realize we are still at the beginning. Joy informs energy which sets the miracle of discovery in motion. Being fully present with the totality of life brings freedom. There is no worry, no judgment… only the expansiveness of a divine spirit exploring the facets of love, light and laughter that only the earth-bound experience has to offer.

Transforming Stress

It’s important to listen to the messages of the body. Periodically, still the mind and go inward. Really tune in and notice if you are holding stress in a particular area, clenching the jaw or holding your breath. If so, close your eyes and breathe deeply and rhythmically. Place your focus on the flow and just be.

Now that you’ve identified that stress is present, turn your attention to any scripts that are playing in the mind and observe your surroundings. What is causing you to tighten up? If it’s in your power to change the atmosphere, do so and see how your body responds. You may discover that certain people, music or actions are pulling your energy out of balance.

If nothing can be physically changed, you can either remove yourself or move into acceptance. The present moment is your gateway to transformation. Utilize stressful situations as an opportunity to cultivate your awareness. Observation and conscious presence are sometimes  enough to reduce the stress. Remind yourself, “This, too, shall pass.”

Another powerful tool is purposeful movement. Walk, shake it off, use EFT, work out or dance. Rather than holding the energy, find a healthy way to release it. You are far more powerful than you realize.

Find Your Adventure

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.”
~Eleanor Roosevelt~

The hard shell of a seed provides safety and a plant can remain viable for years. The moment it sprouts into being it is immensely vulnerable, yet that is the journey toward beauty and fulfillment. We are not here to play it safe. The human experience calls upon us to take risks, to find our way through darkness into the light. The enchantment of awakening is the souls true purpose.

When we approach the present moment with the innocence and openness of a child, miracles begin to unfold. See your life as an adventure in time and space. Become a loving witness to the infinite ways in which the Universe speaks to you. When you look through the lens of higher consciousness, you’ll receive messages meant to guide your unique path of transformation.
The new friendships, experiences, ideas and circumstances will break you free from any limiting routines you may have created. These compelling energies will awaken the aspects of yourself that are ready to shine and bring them to the surface.

Personal Responsibility

Empowerment requires that we face our fears. Until we do so, they will always block our ability to love

Blame creates victim consciousness. When we choose to take responsibility for all that unfolds in our experience and how we respond to it, we become conscious creators. Our thoughts, words and actions send waves of energy throughout the Universe, always showing us precisely what we need to see.

Energy is also created from your innermost core programming and beliefs and can sometimes be harder to recognize. When this is the case, you’ll draw in interactions and situations that will assist you in seeing yourself more clearly. Blame and accusations block the ability to access your inner wisdom; therefore, immediately take responsibility for all that unfolds, knowing that it serves a purpose in the rising of consciousness.

Should you ever find yourself going into blame mode, simply notice, quiet the mind and examine what you are projecting outward. All blame is a reflection of how we see ourselves. This insight can be one of the most powerful aspects of your spiritual awakening. When you choose to approach life with acceptance and a willingness to walk forward in spite of any fear, you create a powerful momentum of insight and awakening that will lead you forward with a greater sense of grace.


“To me there is nothing more sacred than love and laughter, and there is nothing more prayerful than playfulness.”


Balanced play creates greater peace in your experience and squirrel is a wonderful teacher. She constantly frolics and chatters, often chasing a friend in circles around the trees. But she is also industrious. In her play, she gathers and stores nuts. As the seasons change, many of those hidden nuts are forgotten and some begin to grow. In her playfulness, she emits the essence of pure presence, the side effects of which can be seen for years to come.

Consider bringing lightheartedness into your experience. This can be accomplished with a conscious change of attitude. Day to day tasks take on new meaning and time flows differently. The work still gets done, but it is no longer draining. Your balance and well-being amplifies all that you do with heightened energy and meaning. You may be surprised to discover how much energy is available to you.

Your joyful energy can be a reminder to those who are driven by fear, stress or worry that there is a different way to experience life. And perhaps, your example will plant seeds of transformation.

Letting Go

Why do we cling when clinging causes pain? It’s empowering to truly understand that we can utilize any situation as a vehicle for awakening. One practice is to notice attachment when it arises, consciously observe how it impacts our state of consciousness Now, and then take right action when appropriate.

If you notice yourself fighting to retain the status quo at all costs, insisting that circumstances unfold in a certain way or losing your personal integrity to placate someone else, you are giving away your power. Some people and things are bulwarks in our lives, others play their role in our awakening and depart. The question then becomes how do you know when to fight for something and when to release it?

Awareness always begins with your inner work. Why are you attached? What is the story that replays in the mind? Who would you be without that story? (thank you, Byron Katie!) Your journey is unique and, ultimately, you will find your way to enlightenment.

Act with integrity, do your best, accept what is. Letting go is easier when we have been purposeful in our actions. Sometimes seeds are planted and circumstances need time to change. Just because something doesn’t happen on your schedule, it doesn’t mean that you have failed. When you release all attachment to outcomes, you create greater peace in your experience.

The Unique Treasures of Your Soul

While doing healing work, I am occasionally gifted with beautiful visions of the upper world. In this space of exploration, I’ve discovered that every challenge is unique and the way to healing changes from person to person.

Imagine being in a place that is completely safe, peaceful and restorative. The waters run clean, light sparkles in a way that makes everything come alive with meaning and awareness. The food and drink found here is grown from the depth and breadth of your soul. Unique plants, nuts, fruit and grains combine to create sustenance that reminds you of who you truly are.

When faced with the need for a new perception, you can walk through a small wood to a pool of water that, in it’s divine stillness, shows the truth that needs to be seen. Whether a vision of potential, wholeness, courage, peacefulness or passion, the answer always comes and the way forward makes itself known. You are supported by various helpers, ancestors, healers and angels and can bathe in the waters of life.

Each of us has access to this inner realm. Whether you find it through meditation or prayer, gratitude or creativity, it waits for your loving Presence.