Your Smile

Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy.

~Thich Nhat Hanh~

Smiles are infectious and can spread like wildfire. Sometimes we get so caught up in the tenor of our thoughts that we temporarily forget the magic of life… until a brief moment of laughter breaks through like a ray of sunlight on a cloudy day.

In moments of concern or imbalance, remind yourself to find joy in little things. The pure happiness of an animal or child can likely elicit a sympathetic reaction. A well-loved book or comedy can direct your energy to a higher vibration.

In turn, your smile can light up the world. Unshared joy is like an unlit candle. It is said that any light, no matter how small, transforms the darkness. Know that your authentic radiance shines as bright as a thousand suns.

The muscles that we use to smile change the body chemistry, releasing neurons that inform the brain and activate health and happiness. Bless yourself today by smiling often. Share your smile and watch the world smile back. There is nothing more important than your state of consciousness in this moment.

This Sacred Gift

A man is ethical only when life, as such, is sacred to him, that of plants and animals as that of his fellow men, and when he devotes himself helpfully to all life that is in need of help.

~Albert Schweitzer~

True ethical practice requires reverence for life. Within this concept lies freedom. When we can see everything as One – interconnected, sacred, beautiful, and valuable – we enter the realm of love.

You have been prompted to be here now, reading these words. Are you ready to explore the core of your innate goodness and embrace life as it is? While often messy or frustrating, there is a dance of awakening occurring on a deeper level. Can you feel it?

Sometimes the idea of residing in the frequency of unconditional love and acceptance can seem an impossible task. If we desire to be accepted as we are, we must first demonstrate how that appears in the world of form. Remember, the soul desires connection.

Choose to treat everything and everyone in your experience as sacred. Bring the light of awareness to your interactions, great or small. Be kind  and empowered. At the end of the day your heart will be at peace.

Find Your Voice

How often do we witness people living day to day in a state of unhappiness or exhaustion, doing what they feel they need to do instead of what they want to do? From the outside it’s easy to see that different choices will bring a different experience; however, we are often blinded by our own programming and expectations.
A friend shared a story recently: He was speaking to his teenage daughter, giving advice about work and purpose and sharing his belief that she should love what she does if she wants to be happy. When she innocently asked why he works in a profession that he dislikes, he realized that he had set his dreams aside. In that moment, she became the teacher. He decided to change his life, live his passion and expressed gratitude to his kind and insightful daughter for leading him back to happiness.
If you’re not in a position to drop all and do what you love, choose to love what you do. Life will respond to the energy you bring to each moment – often in ways that are unexpected.

Walking your talk and speaking your truth with integrity is your unique and authentic way of being in the world. There is nothing more beautiful than someone who is comfortable with who they are. Peace emanates from them. No energy is wasted trying to please the perceived desires of others. Instead, they allow the light of the Divine to experience itself through them and it’s incredibly beautiful.


When challenges arise, the natural human response is fight or flight. Both greatly impact the body’s immune system, nervous system and state of mental/emotional balance. The ego clings to the idea that something is wrong and that script can replay for years. These highly charged energies can damage the auric field and, left untended, wreck havoc with physical health and well-being.

The suppression of memories, anger, fear or sadness can be triggered by innocuous things later in life. A chance encounter, memory or dream can bring the unhealed aspects to the surface, and often open the old wounds. While overwhelming, these moments arise because your spirit is ready to bring light to the darkness.

Turn toward your shadows and lovingly bring them into the light of consciousness. Your willingness to be present with the process of healing amplifies your ability to transform distress into empowerment. You are absolutely ready to handle what rises to the surface. Keep in mind that the ego will be resistant, seeking to keep you locked into old patterns. This resistance is a true indicator that powerful energies of change are swirling around you.

Place your focus inward, be consistent, gentle, and honest with yourself. Take ownership of your state of consciousness and reclaim your power. Imagine the freedom that awaits when the past is released and you can write a new story.

Growing Beyond Limitation

“We are here not only to experience limitation, but also to grow in consciousness by going beyond limitation.”
~Eckhart Tolle~

Perceived limitations can be overcome physically (such as releasing poverty consciousness and becoming more receptive to abundance or overcoming an illness), mentally (learning to accept limitations thus transforming them into strength), or spiritually (bringing love to a situation filled with hate). The soul seeks to expand, awaken and overcome adversity.
You can access your ability to be a conscious c0-creator by moving into acceptance. Accept life as it is and take responsibility for your state of consciousness in the present moment. Release the need to blame, defend or struggle. Learn how to see perfection in the imperfection and recognize that you are right where you need to be. Whatever has arrived in your experience has a specific purpose in your soul’s growth. When you change how you think about a situation, transformation begins.
When you embrace the present moment and bring your full attention to whatever you are doing, your actions will be filled with deeper intention and empowerment. No matter what you are prompted to do, find a way to bring the light of consciousness to the forefront of your experience.

Cycles of Experience

“I feel safe in the rhythm and flow of my ever-changing life.”
~Louise Hay~

It’s empowering to discover your personal cycles and live in alignment with the energy of your unique experience. Simply add together the year of your last birthday (for example 2+0+2+3=7) and add that base number to the date and month of your birthday. That will tell you the basic energetic vibration in play until your next birthday. There are other nuances that add depth and meaning, but this is a good place to begin.
1 – new beginnings, leadership, creativity
2 – receptivity, peacemaking, gentleness
3 – going with the flow, expression, friendship
4 – stability, security, defining one’s boundaries
5 – freedom,change, movement and adventure
6 – love, family, home, harmony, compassion
7 – spiritual wisdom, solitude, seeking answers
8 – money, strength, building, power
9 – endings, completion, tolerance, service
For instance, if you determine you are in a 9 personal year, you’ll know that your soul seeks to experience endings and closures. With this in mind, you may choose not to begin any new ventures and instead, focus upon releasing things that no longer serve your growth in preparation for the next cycle. This is a very simple and conscious way of living aligned with the flow of your personal experience.

Spiritual Maturity

Each of us is responsible for our own joy. You have the ability to create an empowered life, Now, without the need to rely upon outer circumstances or the actions of another. As we develop our spiritual maturity, we discover that wholeness comes from within. From this state of awareness we can share with one another and contribute something unique to our collective experience.

The synergy created by conscious, loving spirits is infinite. Together we can achieve far more than we can alone. Step into the flow by cultivating the ability to give and receive freely. Take the time to slow down and notice the beauty that is all around you. This planet has much to offer and much to teach. Your awareness allows you to be a conscious participant. Then, existence becomes a joy as we purposely dream new aspects of the world into being.

Perhaps you find yourself becoming more open. You may share your gifts and laughter more often than in times past, or reach out in kindness without fear of rejection. These are signs of mastery and indicators of spiritual awakening. Allow love and joy to guide your choices and interactions and watch the boundaries disappear.

The Awakened Life

“Looking with a mind that’s awake reveals the shimmering pulse of life. Looking with a mind full of thoughts reveals only your thoughts.”

~Ezra Bayda~

Living an awakened life calls upon us to consistently and purposefully bring the best version of ourselves to our life experience. This daily practice can show us areas where we are stuck as well as how much we have grown over the years.

As we relentlessly observe ourselves, noticing our self-image and ego driven stories, we begin to release the illusions that block us from living authentically. Ultimately, we discover that we are more than our stories or the roles we play in this lifetime. We can step into the freedom of not needing to be defined.

The most powerful aspect of spiritual growth is the ability to Be Here Now. Immerse yourself within the present moment and all that it offers, seeking only to be fully conscious. Your choices, goals and journey will reflect the peace that you are. Living authentically is the highest expression of love and empowerment.

Teacher-Student Karmic Monad

A karmic monad is an agreement between two souls. This is widely used to help one another progress on the journey of awakening. The dance can last for years or be as brief as a conversation on an elevator. When this energy is play, one may feel compelled to literally teach another – perhaps by imparting information or acting in a way that compels the other to cultivate an important aspect that is ready to shine.

In the midst of challenging situations, seek the lesson. It’s a quick mental shift, but is one that can take you from victim-hood into empowerment. Once you have mastered that aspect of your growth, you will no longer need that particular pattern in your experience. Honor the people in your life as teachers. Every moment offers an opportunity to awaken.

Rather than taking on too much at once, consider working on one issue at a time. Bring your awareness to what is required in this moment. How can you bring peace into your experience? What conscious action will shift the energy? Keep in mind that the ego is often resistant. See this resistance as an indicator that profound change is at hand.

Personal Realization

Life is an adventure to be lived. Sometimes we walk fearfully through the shadows, we face our dragons and push forward with a sense of trust. The light up ahead beckons us and often we are drawn by a sense of wonder into the unknown. In order to live the life of your dreams, you must begin living it now – from where you are, with what you have. The smallest steps forward can become the biggest adventures.

Truth is a personal realization – what’s true for you is a unique by-product of the journey you have chosen to walk. There are no guarantees and while we can sometimes feel lost along the way, it’s the search that helps us to grow. Be willing to take risks and stretch out of your comfort zone – there are no limits to the qualities you will discover within yourself.

Human nature is to cling to what’s familiar, even if it’s painful, restrictive or boring. And what is it that chooses the known over the unknown? The mind. Stories based upon fear cause procrastination or outright stagnation. Life is an adventure. Invite new experiences in, find different things to explore and leave the past behind.