You are loved

Dance within the love, light and laughter of the universe. “Trust is yes. Knowing that this existence is our mother, that nature is our source and it can’t be against us, it can’t be inimical to us. Seeing this, understanding this, trust arises.”  ~Osho~  A shift in perception can create powerful changes in your life. […]

Live with an open heart

All suffering is self-inflicted. “Ultimately we need to understand that spiritual life isn’t about being safe, secure, or comfortable. It’s not that we won’t sometimes feel secure in the course of our spiritual practice; we surely will. And so too will we sometimes feel insecure. Yet there is a fundamental security that develops from many […]

You are ready

Begin, and let the flow of the universe guide your way. “Only the entry of the new can transform you, there is no other way of transformation. If you allow the new to enter, you will never be the same again.”  ~Osho~ It takes courage to step out of your comfort zone. Whether you’re ready […]

Practicing acceptance

No matter what the present moment brings, choose to accept rather than reject. “The mind cannot trust the moment; it is always afraid; that’s why it plans. It is fear that plans, and by planning you miss everything – everything that is beautiful and true, everything that is divine, you miss.”  ~Osho~ Life is in […]

Emerging wisdom

Taste the profundity of existence. “Rejoice with the flames of the [life-force] energy, dance with those flames, have a communion with those flames and you will be finding a dialogue with existence itself.”  ~Osho~  When you find yourself in a position where you must articulate spiritual ideas, give advice, teach or explain your beliefs, the […]

Setting change in motion

Clinging and attachment lead to suffering. “When our plans crumble and there seems to be nothing left, it is only by completely surrendering to what is that we can realize that what is left is more than enough.”  ~Ezra Bayda~  Have you ever longed for for something different only to discover that the smallest of […]

Conscious self talk

“I am” are the two must powerful words in the Universe… whatever follows them creates your reality. “The ultimate truth of who you are is not I am this or I am that, but I Am.”  ~Eckhart Tolle~  Pay attention to the words you use. If you share the journey of awakening with someone else, […]


Has your life been a celebration or a sadness? “Jump into the river, that is the only way to know life. Jump into the river. Never be a spectator. The spectator is the poorest man in the world. Participate.”  ~Osho~  Your life has purpose. The only way to discover that purpose is to live it […]

Evolve or repeat…

This moment is filled with infinite possibilities. Evolve or repeat… “Residing fully in the present moment allows the unconditioned energy of life to flow through the conditioned body and mind. The willingness to simply rest in the physical experience of your life is the key to spiritual transformation.”  ~Ezra Bayda~  This planet is a playground […]

Right action

Mastery is having complete control over how you respond to life. “Presence is a state of inner spaciousness. When you are present, you ask: How do I respond to the needs of this situation, of this moment?”  ~Eckhart Tolle~  Awareness ensures that your responses to life are empowered rather than reactive. Once the ego is […]