Growth Through Intensity

Your purpose is to awaken and all of life supports you in this endeavor.

“For most people, their spiritual teacher is their suffering. Because eventually the suffering brings about awakening.”
~Eckhart Tolle~ 

Suffering, whether self-inflicted or the result of outside events, brings hidden aspects of our shadow self to the surface of our consciousness. Often these are things that have been repressed or ignored in the past and their appearance now has great import on your path of transformation.

When you are faced with intense internal challenges consider viewing them as teachers rather than something that needs to be eradicated or hidden. Look deeply within to the source of your conflict and then purposely surround it with love and compassion. Know that you are on the verge of an awakening.

These inner paradoxes lead us down roads we would never consciously choose to travel. They call upon us to shatter the ego-self and strip away things and ideas that no longer serve us. Intensity accelerates your spiritual growth in ways that simple study and desire cannot. The most important thing to keep in mind is that you are ready for this. Your spirit has requested movement and the fact that something new is arising indicates that you are ready to navigate your way to higher levels of consciousness.


Awakening changes how we interact with the world.

“Do the best you can until you know better. Then, when you know better, do better.”
~Maya Angelou~

No matter where one resides on the path of transformation, keep in mind that everyone is doing the best they can based upon their soul age, childhood imprinting, history and level of consciousness. Each of us fumbles along the way toward ecstasy and if we can hold space for one another, we will not add drama into the collective experience.

With this in mind, be kind to yourself. Know that you are a master who is still in the process of awakening. There may be areas of your life where you excel and others that still require conscious attention, but the process of evolution is constant.

As we awaken, we make choices that reflect our expanding consciousness. Be compassionate with those who grace your life. When you find them in distress, remember what it felt like to be asleep, lost and trapped in illusion. Know that your kindness and patience will plant seeds that may take root.

Facing Challenges Consciously

We never stop learning. When faced with a challenge, consciously turn toward it.

“The spiritual practice of relationships is about working on ourselves only, freeing ourselves from the constricting grip of our own unhappiness. It is not the other person’s job to take our unhappiness away; our discomfort is our own responsibility. Attending to our own spiritual tasks – seeing our judgments, opinions, beliefs, demands, and staying present with the fears out of which they all arise – frees others to move toward us. Then, when they no longer feel the need to defend, they become more willing to take care of their job. Thus joy in relationships becomes possible.”   
~Ezra Bayda~   

When challenges arise, turn inward and pay attention. Whether found in health, relationships, finances or within your spiritual practice, you are ready for something transformative to enter your life. Facing challenges consciously accelerates your awakening and your willingness to be an active participant in your own growth guarantees movement in your experience.

Be kind to yourself. We all have moments of brilliance as well as moments when we miss the mark. Empowerment calls upon each of us to take personal responsibility for our current state of consciousness so that we can engage life with an open heart.

You are here to awaken and to spark awakening in others. Act from the heart and allow circumstances to unfold as they will.



Wisdom arises when we allow the soul to experience what is without judgment.

“The path to love requires open-hearted attention to the very things that seem to block our way to it.”     
~Ezra Bayda~ 

The richness of various ideas, textures, perceptions and soul expression creates a vast tapestry of exquisite beauty. Contrasts allow us to experience life from several different perspectives as we explore the nuances of wholeness. We must dance within dark and light to fully appreciate the perfection in the imperfection.

Positive and negative, sorrow and bliss, yin and yang teach us of the infinite possibilities inherent within neutrality. Resist nothing and instead, allow yourself the opportunity to fully experience the present moment with an open heart. There is always something new waiting to be discovered.

Life allows us to learn from one another through contrast. Quietly appreciate differing viewpoints and history. There is a sacred unity at the core of your being and it comes to life through being a witness of life’s beauty.


Transforming breakdowns into breakthroughs


Every situation has something vital to teach us.

“Drop the idea of becoming someone, because you are already a masterpiece. You cannot be improved. You only have to come to it, to know it, to realize it.”     

In moments when blockages seem to keep you locked in old patterns and you find yourself at an impasse on the Path of Transformation, it’s time to do something… (anything!) to release the energy and move forward. There is great power to be found within the intense shake-ups of our lives. We move into a phase of breakthrough, where old limitations and beliefs are shattered. When the dust settles, whatever remains provides a strong foundation for the next phase of your life and you’ll be amazed at the vitality and empowerment you discover.

The object of spiritual awakening is to transform breakdowns into breakthroughs. The greatest adventure you can experience is to face a challenge from a high level of consciousness. Yes, chaos is possible ( and likely guaranteed) but through willingness and awareness, it transforms your experience into one filled with meaningful insights and empowerment.

It’s one thing to have spiritual knowledge, it’s quite another to apply it successfully to life situations when you need it the most. You are discovering and cultivating the tools to transform your experience to one of mastery.

You have an opportunity to share your insights, love and laughter. With this newfound freedom, allow yourself to be liberated and rise above. The divine light of your soul is one of purity and radiance – you are being asked to recognize the divinity within you and present it to the world through your conscious approach to life.

Turning Inward

Stillness is a state of no-mind.

“No matter how you may be feeling, simply sit down, experience the texture of what is happening in your body and mind – and then just let it be.”     
~Ezra Bayda~   

Once you develop an awareness of the ego, it becomes easier to observe its antics. Like watching ripples on a pond or a tangle of traffic, it can become almost interesting to witness as it tries various ways of pulling you into the games of the mind.

That’s what meditation can do – it offers the blessings found in stillness, detachment and clarity. We sometimes use the phrase “going within” to describe the art of meditation; however, it is more about the cessation of reaching for outward desires and seeking fulfillment elsewhere.

Contentment is possible in the present moment – indeed that’s the only place where it can ever be found! Stop where you are, close your eyes and breathe. Allow the fullness of life to be experienced when you stop running and still the mind.

Many people run from one thing to the next – physically, verbally, mentally – and it can be exhausting, not only for them but for those around them. But once the peace of stillness is discovered, we can immerse ourselves totally in the moment (whether in meditation or not) and bring complete attention and Presense to whatever we choose to do.

The greatest gift that you can give is to be a frequency holder. Develop the art of stillness and bring that vitality and clarity to every interaction. Observe the antics of the mind, smile and be at peace.

Expanding Into Love

Your soul is in a constant state of expansion.
“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”     

Something good is coming your way. Weave your future by recognizing the talents, lessons, synchronicities and opportunities that are available in the present moment and create the life of your dreams.
It’s time to step up into the next level of your life’s expression so that your soul’s light can shine more brightly. See your world as a tapestry of exquisite design and recognize the unique gifts you have to share. No matter what you wish to manifest, it begins now – in this moment – choose your thoughts, words and actions wisely.

Allow joy to be the foundation of your life. Seek it in all things. Cultivating the willingness to look for beauty ensures that it will be found. Joy acts as a magnet, whereas fear or desire repels those things for which you reach. Can you imagine a life where peacefulness and acceptance are the basis of all you experience? You have the ability to shift your attention to things which inspire you; however, do recognize that spiritual evolution is a process and each conscious step builds greater strength and ability.

It is our responsibility to share our gifts with the world. No matter what level you reside upon, there is always someone coming along behind who can learn from your experiences and inspiration. You are right where you need to be – embrace your unique talents and be gentle with yourself.

The Journey

Courage is not about fearlessness.
It is the willingness to move forward in spite of any fear that may arise.

“Fear tells us to stop, to stay within the boundary of our protected cocoon-world. Yet when we feel fear, if we take even one small step toward it rather than yielding to our habitual pulling away, we move one step closer to the vast mind that lies beyond.”     
~Ezra Bayda~

Each journey is unique and will undoubtedly lead us into uncharted territory from time to time. This is the souls way of moving into a state of higher awareness. When we grow too familiar with our routines or become stagnant in our growth, life will present an opportunity to shake things up in order to break us free of the status quo.

Should fear arise, simply notice it without judgment. Any internal resistance indicates that something potentially life-changing is unfolding. Whatever choice you make, let it come from the level of love rather than motivated by fear or lack.

Approach these moments of transition with the knowledge that you are loved, guided, protected and supported. Even if you cannot see the outcome, choose to take one conscious step forward and enter a new realm of experience. Something beautiful awaits discovery.


Peaceful Joy

Observe the sacredness in yourself and in the world around you.

“The moment you enter the Now with your attention, you realize that life is sacred. There is a sacredness to everything you perceive when you are present. The more you live in the Now, the more you sense the simple yet profound joy of Being and the sacredness of all life.”     
~Eckhart Tolle~ 

Beyond the mechanisms of the mind, beyond the cacophony of life and the intensity of emotion and desire, a stillness resides. Limitless possibility resides within this spaciousness and we can choose to enter this stillness at any time.

Cultivate the ability to quiet the mind and be comfortable in the present moment. This will allow you to see beyond illusion to recognize the sacredness of your true nature and will ultimately bring a greater sense of peace and joy into your life experience.

Mastery calls upon us to take personal responsibility for our state of consciousness in the present moment. Clarity arises from accessing inner stillness where we joyfully discover that no matter how things may appear, all is well.

Be The Light

Be the light you wish to see in the world.

“I would like my life to be a statement of love and compassion – and where it isn’t, that is where my work lies.”     
~Ram Dass~ 

Each of us must demonstrate personal responsibility by observing the energy we bring into our life situations. Mastery calls upon us to take ownership of our state of consciousness in the present moment. We can then take right action knowing that we have a definitive impact on those around us.

Every circumstance offers an opportunity to discover the infinite facets of love. Periodically check in and ask if you’re bringing the best version of yourself to the present moment. It’s empowering to observe, see clearly and shift when required. These are some of the many gifts of expanding awareness. As you awaken, you’ll have access to greater perception. Don’t be surprised if you have a significantly different view of the world than others around you. Let your life be your message and bring gentleness to your journey – beginning within.

Each of us plays a role in the collective awakening of humanity. Some heal through adversity, some through loving example and teaching while others let the light of the divine shine through them by bringing kindness and compassion into daily activity. Find your truth and live it to the best of your ability.