Nothing is more important than my state of consciousness

It’s imperative to have a healing outlet for intense emotion and the tension that is created when trying to meet so many demands and expectations. Without healthy release, many people build up repressed energy until they manifest an explosion (usually over something small or unrelated to the core issue) in order to clear the tension.

Physical movement can be very helpful in these moments – beat a pillow, shake the body, jump, run or dance – anything to allow your energy to move freely. This conscious approach can alleviate the soul’s need to create a catastrophe in order to release negative energy.

The things we repress become burdens that influence our behavior. Consistent gratitude, meditation, conscious breathing or prayer aligns you with the Divine; however, it’s important too, to release the things which do not serve you.

All humanity struggles with the same issues – simply from varying degrees of consciousness and perception. When we recognize the commonality of our experience, our hopes and dreams, our fears and doubts, we are better able to see how we are joined together in the miracle of existence. What harms one, harms all. What heals one, heals all.

Celebration joins us. In joy, how can we harm one another (or ourselves)? As we find ways to create an attitude of laughter, of living and celebrating the present moment, we learn the power of acceptance and freedom.

Today my intention is to dance with the joy of life and merge with the light, love and laughter of the Universe.

See Yourself Bathed in Love

This morning I awoke from a vision of the energy of love streaming down upon us from the higher dimensions. One concept blazed through my mind – see yourself bathed in love. This directive seemed so imperative that I simply remained still and allowed the images from my spiritual guidance to flow.

In certain aspects this is easy to visualize, of course. The light from the sun is a beautiful example of unconditional love – shining down on everyone equally, holding back nothing, demanding nothing. As I sit here writing, I chose to drink a glass of water from a high state of conscious awareness… it too, is simply a flow of love which nurtures the body (and in this case, the mind and emotional bodies as well).

Easier still, we discover the energy of love within a kind word, laughter among friends, the smile of a dog, the art of creation, music, meditation, the feel of a mountain or by hugging a tree.

But what about man’s inhumanity to man? How can we find love in the desolation of once beautiful places, the destruction of the resources of our sacred mother earth or the poisoning of the mind with hatred? This is where spiritual practice and higher frequencies of awareness come in. If we hold the concept that all things have love at the core and we are the recipients of whatever is needed for our souls growth, we begin to look for love – even in the unlikeliest of places… and by looking for love, we are assured that it will be found.

The Universe works in ways that are sometimes subtle – we become blocked only to discover that a situation far more advantageous awaits us. We are treated poorly and someone completely unexpected steps in to offer assistance and our life takes off in a new direction. The insights I was provided this morning brought a greater understanding regarding the concept that the person who challenges you the most or creates the most conflict in your life actually loves you the most from a spiritual level.

From the higher perspectives – love, joy, peace, enlightenment – this is more easily witnessed. We can appreciate the weaving of the tapestry of our existence together in a new way and thus, cease being reactive or falling into judgment. In this way, we actively participate in the transformation and awakening of the planet and bring healing to all.

Your love is the greatest gift that you can offer in any situation.

Today my intention is to see and accept the gifts that life has to offer, no matter what form they choose to appear.

Authentic joy is often just a quiet acceptance of the Now

This is the moment of tremendous healing and transformation. Why not? The only moment that truly exists is the Now and there is no need to delay the evolution of your spirit. There is great power in honoring the awakenings which have sprung from walking in darkness and we find that sometimes we need to be who we aren’t in order to discover who we are; thus, all paths are sacred journeys which lead us to the light of awareness.

Judgment of others is the quickest way to bring our attention to something within us which is ready to be healed. Since we all act as mirrors for one another, utilize those moments of ego related thought and response to address the shadows aspects of the Self that are ready to be integrated and expressed in positive ways. Often, the result is an expansion of compassion and acceptance.

There are many wonders within you waiting to be discovered. The myriad facets of your unique expression of life sparkle by reflecting the light around you. Remember to be patient and gentle with yourself and allow the joy of the journey to be your guide. There is much more to life than meets the eye and the best is yet to come.

Today my intention is to know myself more fully and embrace all aspects of my being.

Be willing to step into your own power

I am willing to step into my power

When we choose to view all aspects of life as a spiritual journey which is directed by our higher consciousness, we begin to step into a role of empowerment. It’s amazing to discover the power of our thoughts and intentions as we witness the pieces of our unique puzzle as they begin to fall into place. This is especially joyful when we make soul connections which uplift our spirits and create the space in which a transformation can occur.

But what about the challenges we manifest… the karmic situations which require us to expand our vision, the accidents that shift our plans or the unfolding of events which frustrate us until we learn the art of acceptance and how to go with the flow? These too are of our own design. The ego will tend to want to go into a “why me?” mode, complain, share the burden, blame or give up in an emotional whirlwind of thought and story; however, as powerful co-creators of our experience, we must stop and take full responsibility for all things.

You are never a helpless victim of fate. When accidents occur, there are a few things you can ask yourself:

  • Am I angry about anything?
  • Why am I trying to get my own attention?
  • Do I feel the need to be punished?
  • Do I need attention and nurturing?
  • Have I taken on so much responsibility that I need a rest?
  • What am I trying to avoid?
  • Is there a higher purpose in this situation?
  • What is my soul looking to accomplish?

Once the dust settles and the emotions become more neutral. Take some time to self assess. As a conscious, masterful soul in the process of awakening you have the advantage of knowing that all things work toward your highest good. Listen to the messages you receive and see how quickly you can move back into a state of empowerment.

Today my intention is to honor the process of my awakening by viewing the events of my life as gifts – easy or challenging, joyful or painful, all are stepping stones to higher consciousness.

This moment is a gift

Every day I discover new ways to enjoy the journey

Procrastination is caused by the egos “What if??” stories. When you seem to be stalled, feeling incomplete or dissatisfied, look within and observe the thoughts which are halting your ability to take action. These nebulous blockages can often generate greater conflict than any physical obstacle which provides opposition in your life.

The only thing that exists is the Now – don’t allow yourself to destroy it’s potential by the worry created by the shadows of the mind. See yourself walking forward in joy and expectation and simply take one more step. Fear dissipates through conscious action – we discover new things, gain greater clarity and cultivate the discernment which allows us to see through the stories of the ego.

This moment is precious – how will you celebrate it? As Mr. Kismet and I stepped outside for our Gratitude Walk this morning, we were greeted by the stillness of a cold, clear night. Early storms had passed, a drift of snow was on the ground and the stars sparkled across the sky like diamonds on velvet. The darkness had a living texture of possibility and once again, I simply fell in love with life.

Find your inspiration and in the stillness, connect to the Universe. Seek out people and moments which resonate with this infinite connection and come home to yourself. The energy of the Divine is yours to experience in any way that you wish. In a changeable world filled with limitless nuances to discover, this connection remains constant. Once you quiet the old patterns of thought and release the stories of the past, you may just discover a simple next step to create the momentum of transformation in your life – it’s often right there in front of you.

Today my intention is to expand into the love, light and laughter of the Universe. All is well.

Wow Moment – The power of your thoughts

I am willing to release patterns which no longer serve me

There’s a skill that we can develop in regard to observing and shifting our thoughts so that we tap into our strengths instead of our fears. Negative thinking or expectations can often be subtle… after all, the ego has “reality” or past experience to support particular beliefs and we witness them as the play out again and again in our lives.

As we become more aware of the tone of our thoughts, we can purposefully choose those which bring comfort and empowerment and change the energy which flows from us out into the world.

For instance, on nights when sleep is elusive, do you find yourself thinking things like, Now I’m going to be tired all day tomorrow or If I don’t get at least seven hours sleep, I can’t function or Not again! Now I’m just going to lay here and worry all night… Consider the power of your thoughts and how much time and energy you spend sending them out into the world to become things.

These self-fulfilling prophecies are just another indication of how much power we have. When we create a challenging moment, it’s equally empowering to own it and shift our experience to one that is more pleasurable. So, the next time you find yourself lying awake – worrying, replaying, projecting or frustrated, recognize and observe the ego and utilize these affirmative thoughts:

  • Whatever sleep I do get tonight will be the perfect amount needed to function wonderfully tomorrow
  • I lovingly release the day knowing that tomorrow will take care of itself


  • If you have knowledge of how to do energy work (Reiki, Prana, Hands-on Healing, etc), place your hands at the heart or solar plexus chakras and flow healing into those areas of the body.
  • Do the Buddhist smile meditation – lie down, greet and smile each part of the body (inside and out) and thank it for being such a wonderful partner and teacher with whom you can walk on the Path of Transformation

You may be surprised when you discover how powerful your thoughts truly are. In every moment, we are creating our future experiences. Of course, challenges will still arise even when we have shifted our core beliefs, transformed to a new paradigm or created a healthy awareness and response to life. In those moments, we can then move directly to the lesson, karma or spiritual purpose which underlies the challenge without distraction.

Today my intention is to expect the very best from myself, from others and whatever life has to offer. Whenever we seek the gift in any situation, discovery is assured.