Thoughts have power

Worry destroys the joy and potential of the present moment.

That’s Right! I trust the processes of life

Guilt indicates that we are living in the past. Worry means that our focus is on the future. Nothing matters more than your state of consciousness in the present moment. Love yourself enough to live it fully.

Our thoughts create our reality. Consider how much energy is utilized in imagining future case scenarios. We spend minutes and hours, sometimes days at a time, lost in the construct of our thoughts. All of that energy could be focused on creating joy in the present moment… but instead we worry and then wish we could be happy.

Imagine that the life of your dreams is unfolding perfectly Now. Feel the joy that comes from fulfillment and satisfaction and smile knowing that you are stepping into the role of conscious creator. This moment is filled with limitless potential – how will you choose to use it?

Today my intention is to enjoy the world of form. This moment offers me an opportunity to explore the infinite facets of love.

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