Inner peace

If you choose to be happy, no one can take it away from you. Joy comes from within.

That’s Right! I take responsibility for every aspect of my life

One of the more subtle tricks of the ego is attachment. When we feel successful, appreciated, respected or abundant, self confidence soars. It’s challenging to recognize that the ego has been in control until something stops working well in our lives. It’s only when we observe the worry, frustration or sadness that arises from experiencing loss that we realize how much our self-image depended upon having a particular number in the bank account, a certain persons love or position in life.

In moments of challenge, notice how deeply your mood and outlook are affected. If only moderately, your degree of ego-driven attachment was also moderate and you are moving toward authentic freedom.

Celebrate the beauty that unfolds in your life with genuine appreciation while recognizing that the natural ebb and flow of life contains both highs and lows. The deep sense of peace and well-being will always be there, even in moments of turbulence. You have the ability to tap into a limitless wellspring of grace and joy – it is your birthright.

Today my intention is to remember that nothing is more important than my state of consciousness in this moment.

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