Support from every dimension

The physical world, and all you encounter within it, only represents about 1% of your total experience.

That’s Right! Love rains down upon me from all dimensions

We are constantly in the process of planting seeds of experience. Our thoughts, words and beliefs set things in motion. Our soul group comes to participate throughout our lifetime, each person playing their part in the expansion of consciousness. On unseen levels, our spirit guides, angels, healing masters and helpers coordinate chance encounters and coincidences to surprise and assist along the way.

Sometimes, things on the physical plane appear to be the opposite of what is actually occurring – losses turn into new beginnings, friendships implode teaching us to become more authentic and intimate, blockages force us to change our plans and unexpected beauty flows into our lives. It’s important not to create limitation by demanding that things unfold in a particular way. Learn to trust the processes of life. You are loved, guided and supported each and every step of the journey.

Today my intention is to remember that everything works toward my highest good. I am willing to receive a miracle.

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