Witness the reflection of love

Last night I sat in the presence of Love. All those who seek greater understanding go through the process of learning how to find the source of love within. In this manner, authentic teachers are invaluable. They demonstrate the joy of awareness through their unique way of being in the world. When you find yourself responding favorably to someone whom you admire, remember that they are merely a reflection of you and begin to seek those same attributes within yourself. You will find that for which you seek.

The Divine wishes to support and assist as you ascend to the next level of awakening. Pay attention to the opportunities (sometimes disguised as challenges) you encounter which allow you to bring your spiritual knowledge into tangible manifestation.

Whatever life offers is exactly what is needed for your soul’s growth. Begin weaving the energy of greater awareness by watching how you respond to the Now. Whatever arises, allow it. Seek stillness and embrace your unique gifts and way of being in the world. This is the moment of transformation.

Today my intention is to open my heart chakra and expand into Love.

Discover the potential within you

No matter what unfolds in your life experience, you can choose acceptance and peace as a response. Taking responsibility for our own joy requires nothing less than opening ourselves to the limitless possibilities inherent within every situation. Resistance and judgment are merely indicators that old patterns or outgrown beliefs are rising to the surface. We can choose to see them as teachers, bless them and release as we step into the higher frequencies of joy and acceptance.

Divine energy is available for you now. Give yourself permission to enter a state of grace. Ask for assistance from those who love and support you and know that you will be guided toward mastery in all things.

Advanced spiritual seekers are willing to surrender in order to merge with higher sources of knowledge. In doing so, something wonderful begins to happen – we begin to discover ourselves as powerful, living expressions of the Divine. The power of unconditional love is waiting to experience itself through you.

This is the moment to realize your true nature and to be a loving witness to the sacred energy and potential within you. Joy is the path of your destiny. Take the time to pause and breathe in this present moment – what are you creating right now? Transcend beyond the ordinary and seek wholeness with all existence. Infinite heights, depths and expansion await your discovery.

Today my intention is to open myself to infinite possibilities.

The destructive energy of guilt

Guilt is one of the most destructive mind sets in which we can become trapped. When we miss the mark, wrong another or make unhealthy choices, we get lost in the stories of the mind and miss all the beauty that life has to offer.

Of course we all long to be the best version of ourselves that we can be; however, it’s good to remember that guilt is debilitating and serves no higher purpose. It does not compel us to be better. It solves no problems. It does not heal our relationships, and in fact, it blinds us to all productive possibilities.

Should you encounter a memory or circumstance in which you feel you “could have” done better, simply observe it, own it, love yourself and learn from it. It’s natural to fumble our way toward ecstasy from time to time and you are perfect in your imperfection – that is part of the learning process.

Offer yourself the gift of understanding. The Path of Transformation requires integration, participation and passion. Spiritual maturity provides us with the knowledge to consistently enter the realm of creation. We learn from the past, share our knowledge and enrich the lives of others. You are already a masterpiece, a magnificent and intricate work of art, It is merely waiting to be recognized.

Today my intention is to honor the processes of my awakening. Each situation and circumstance in my life has something to teach and holds great value.

Transforming breakdowns into breakthroughs

     In moments when blockages seem to keep you locked in old patterns and you find yourself at an impasse on the Path of Transformation, it’s time to do something… anything!… to release the energy and move forward. There is great power to be found within the intense shake-ups of our lives. We move into a phase of breakthrough, where old limitations and beliefs are shattered. When the dust settles, whatever remains provides a strong foundation for the next phase of your life and you’ll be amazed at the vitality and empowerment you discover.

     The object of spiritual awakening is to transform breakdowns into breakthroughs. The greatest adventure you can experience is to face a challenge from a high level of consciousness. Yes, chaos is possible ( and likely guaranteed) but through willingness and awareness, it transforms your experience into one filled with meaningful insights and empowerment.

      It’s one thing to have spiritual knowledge, it’s quite another to apply it successfully to life situations when you need it the most. You are discovering and cultivating the tools that transform your experience to one of mastery.

     You have an opportunity to share your insights, love and laughter. With this newfound freedom, allow yourself to be liberated and rise above. The divine light of your soul is one of purity and radiance – you are being asked to recognize the divinity within you and present it to the world through your conscious approach to life.

     Today my intention is to remember that I can be the light, or the mirror that reflects it. I am willing to share my gifts, love and insight.

Turning inward

Once you develop an awareness of the ego, it becomes easier to observe its antics. Like watching ripples on a pond or a tangle of traffic, it can become almost interesting to witness as it tries various ways of pulling you into the games of the mind.

That’s what meditation can do – it offers the blessings found in stillness, detachment and clarity. We sometimes use the phrase “going within” to describe the art of meditation; however, it is more about the cessation of reaching for outward desires and seeking fulfillment elsewhere.

Contentment is possible in the present moment – indeed that’s the only place where it can ever be found! Stop where you are, close your eyes and breathe. Allow the fullness of life to be experienced when you stop running and still the mind.

Many people run from one thing to the next – physically, verbally, mentally – and it can be exhausting, not only for them but for those around them. But once the peace of stillness is discovered, we can emerge oursevles totally in the moment (whether in meditation or not) and bring complete attention and energy to whatever we choose to do.

The greatest gift that you can give is to be a frequency holder. Develop the art of stillness and bring that vitality and clarity to every interaction. Observe the antics of the mind, smile and be at peace.

Today my intention is to release the word “should” from my vocabulary. I have the ability to choose my actions consciously and bring my full attention to the infinite possibilities available in the Now.

Expanding into love…

     Something good is coming your way. Weave your future by recognizing the talents, lessons, synchronicities and opportunities that are available in the present moment and create the life of your dreams.

     It’s time to step up into the next level of your life’s expression so that your soul’s light can shine more brightly. See your world as a tapestry of exquisite design and recognize the unique gifts you have to share. No matter what you wish to manifest, it begins now – in this moment – choose your thoughts, words and actions wisely.

     Allow joy to be the foundation of your life. Seek it in all things. Cultivating the willingness to look for beauty ensures that it will be found. Joy acts as a magnet, whereas fear or desire repels those things for reach you reach. Can you imagine a life where peace is your baseline response to everything? You have the ability to shift your attention to things which inspire you; however, do recognize that spiritual evolution is a process and each conscious step builds greater strength and ability.

     It is our responsibility to share our gifts with the world. No matter what level you reside upon, there is always someone coming along behind who can learn from your experiences and inspiration. You are right where you need to be – embrace your unique talents and be gentle with yourself.

     Today my intention is to expand into love.

Accessing the flow of inspiration

Creation is a natural, spiritual power within you and is accessed not by force, by tryng, but by opening yourself to the flow of inspiration. The act of creation allows the Divine to express itself through you. Whether as intricate as writing a symphony or as delicate as finding common ground with someone you love, call upon the divine light of inspiration and accept support in whatever form it may arise.

Know that you can attract the people, opportunities, inspiration and expression that is needed to manifest the life of your dreams. Focus on the end result – happiness – and allow, surrender and particiate in the flow that begins as a result of your conscious thought and intention.

Open the heart chakra and be willing to dance in the light, love and laughter of the Universe. Sources of inspiration are all around you, find that which resonates with the song of your heart. Movement is a great way to get energy flowing – take a walk, dance, clean house, play with your dog – anything to bring a sense of purpose and joy to this moment. Then, watch it expand into the various areas of your life.

Today my intention is to move into the unknown with a sense of adventure and the trust of a child.

What resistance can teach us…

Often, when you begin to make substantial progress in your own spiritual growth, you’ll find that you encounter resistance from the people around you. It may be surprising to witness pushback from those who will benefit the most from your increasing awareness; however, it’s also the best form of proof that you are indeed evolving to new levels.

As we change, the world around us must change. The resistance you receive serves two purposes: it allows you to continue cultivating the attributes of a spiritual, evolving person and shows how much impact your soul’s growth is having on those around you.

In a relationship, the person of lower consciousness actually has the most difficulty. As one person becomes more empowered, more present, they choose ot to engage in the drama like they may have in the past. The lack of energy exchange is very frustrating for those still engaged in public vampirism.

To create peace within all your interactions, it’s important to also cultivate the qualities of compassion, kindness and gentleness. In this way, you’ll be called upon to be kind to those caught in the grip of resistance or drama – kind enough not to engage. Any decisions will then be based in love.

We can stop the cycle of manipulation, of being manipulated and step into the power of higher consciousness. Those that offer you resistance on the earthly plane, love you the most on the spiritul. See their energy as an indicator of your growth on the Path of Trasformation.

Today my intention is to open my heart to the limitless realms of unconditional love and acceptance.

The integration of energy

There are many dimensions of life available to you now – the known (physical, tangible reality that we experiences through the five senses), the unmanifested (the world of spirit and energy), and the exquisite blend of energies that process through you. You are the unique spark of life which allows the Divine to experience all aspects of the physical world and you are being given the opportunity to expand your perception.

Witness the blend of dark and light, the contrast of highs and lows and open yourself to the idea that everything (and everyone) plays its perfect part in the integration of energies. As you experience balance and healing in your own world, you’ll begin to notice it also in the world around you. This expansion of perception is something that has always been there, though you must be in balance in order to perceive it.

Now is the time to come home to yourself. In the silence of the present moment, stop and breathe. See if you can create a space of stillness in which you connect to the stillness of the Universe. The understanding and insights you receive will manifest later on when you enter a more active phase. The world is constantly changing; however, this silence is eternal – the joy of it remains the same and is always there for you to experience.

Today my intention is to quiet the mind, open the heart and accept the miracles which abound in my world.

Your purpose is to awaken

Your purpose is to awaken. How you choose to accomplish that, and the successes and defeats you encounter along the way are immaterial. Certainly the ego will attach great significance to the world of form; however, the soul desires only experience, expansion and wholeness. Each of us must remember that what we see in the world is an expression of what is projected from within and our role is to observe and release all that blocks us from unconditional love.

I have often heard people say that they want to leave their mark on the world or create something tangible (a book, scientific discovery, invention, successful children…) that will live on, and indeed many will do so. But the remnants of our sojourn here are essentially meaningless next to the bliss of Oneness which awaits.

The state of mind is always in a state of constant movement and distraction… work, run, fear, shout, hope… always reaching for tomorrow. This constant reaching ensures that we miss the most sacred and beautiful experience of all – the Now. This is not to say that you won’t accomplish amazing things, change lives or find freedom from distress, for you most certainly will. However, the power lies in focusing all your energy here and now – giving your full attention to what you have created in this moment, loving where you are and taking one conscious step forward from there.

As our dreams fade upon awakening, so too does the intensity of this incarnation upon our transition and life review. When we step back with those we love to witness the tapestry of our existence together, there is only gratitude, love and the desire to redress any imbalance. And so we come together again and again, the residue of the past lingering in our energy and soul memories, the desire to fulfill our soul’s purpose outweighing all else, moving ever higher in consciousness and joy. Our purpose is to awaken.

Today my intention is to seek love in every situation, and when it cannot immediately be found, may I discover the capacity to bring love wherever it is needed.