Cosmic humor

Learn to laugh at yourself and you will never cease to be amused…

“The blessed fool is the greatest possibility of understanding  because the blessed fool has come to know that knowledge is futile. His mind is no longer cluttered with junk; his mind is no longer cluttered with borrowed knowledge. He is simply aware. He is a flame of awareness.”    
See if you can take yourself a little less seriously. Become a loving witness to all that unfolds and release attachment each time you notice it making an appearance. When you can move through your experiences with awareness, greater possibilities become available to you.

The ego gets highly offended when lightheartedness is suggested. It demands to be seen as important – more important than joy, forgiveness or awakening – and will hold on to whatever story will keep itself active in your experience. Laughter can help you to break through this energy.

This is why naming the ego can be a helpful tool. I call my ego ‘Moe” because he is stupid like a stooge. Then, when unhelpful thoughts run amok, I can say, “Moe is frustrated!” or “Look, Moe’s in fear mode!” Calling out the ego and speaking about it as a separate entity reminds us that we are not the ego. It pulls us into the role of observer and usually, we will find its antics ridiculous and amusing.

The ego is too serious and perhaps laughter too light; however, in that pendulum swing of emotion lies the blend of truth. You are more than your mind.  This moment is your teacher. And most importantly, your willingness to observe yourself with love paves the way for transformation.
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