Be here now

This is the moment of transformation.

“If you live totally, intensely, then you are free, you have lived the moment and it is finished. You don’t look back and you don’t look ahead, you simply remain here now.”    
Present moment practice is powerful. When you purposely leave ego-driven thought behind and simply experience what is, all that is unnecessary drops from your awareness. There is no need to replay events or think about what you could have done differently. The weight of regret falls off your shoulders.

Likewise, anticipation distracts us from experiencing joy in the Now. It is a thought-form that pretends to be more important than the present moment. Here the ego-mind will tell you that you must prepare for all contingencies. It worries, it plans. It places more emphasis on a possible future than on the current phase of your journey.

When you are fully present, nothing is left undone. Your actions will have greater impact because they are clear. In this space of awareness and faith,we discover that the future takes care of itself. You create your reality. Choose to bring ease and grace in your experience. Become lost in the beauty of all that surrounds you.
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