Stop acting so small

Your purpose is to awaken.
“Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion.”
It can be easy to get lost in the illusions of this world. We can become distracted by money, prestige, politics, gossip, opinions, attachments and judgement. So distracted, in fact, that we may momentarily forget that we are infinite souls on a journey of awakening.

You have the ability to choose where you will direct your energy. Notice how the illusions  drain your vitality and make a conscious effort to release all that does not serve you. Find your own way of dancing through the mystery of life. Every moment offers an opportunity to become more enlightened.

When faced with a challenge, ask yourself if it is more important than your joy. Some people give away their power to the littlest of things – traffic jams, slow cashiers, inconsiderate drivers, the weather – and quickly get out of balance. Our job, as conscious students of love, is to recognize the appearance of the ego that insists things should be different then they are.

Your willingness to observe and take ownership of your state of consciousness transforms the illusions of life back to what they are: vehicles of awakening.
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