Nothing is more important than my state of consciousness

It’s imperative to have a healing outlet for intense emotion and the tension that is created when trying to meet so many demands and expectations. Without healthy release, many people build up repressed energy until they manifest an explosion (usually over something small or unrelated to the core issue) in order to clear the tension. […]

See Yourself Bathed in Love

This morning I awoke from a vision of the energy of love streaming down upon us from the higher dimensions. One concept blazed through my mind – see yourself bathed in love. This directive seemed so imperative that I simply remained still and allowed the images from my spiritual guidance to flow. In certain aspects […]

Be willing to step into your own power

I am willing to step into my power When we choose to view all aspects of life as a spiritual journey which is directed by our higher consciousness, we begin to step into a role of empowerment. It’s amazing to discover the power of our thoughts and intentions as we witness the pieces of our […]

This moment is a gift

Every day I discover new ways to enjoy the journey Procrastination is caused by the egos “What if??” stories. When you seem to be stalled, feeling incomplete or dissatisfied, look within and observe the thoughts which are halting your ability to take action. These nebulous blockages can often generate greater conflict than any physical obstacle […]

Wow Moment – The power of your thoughts

I am willing to release patterns which no longer serve me There’s a skill that we can develop in regard to observing and shifting our thoughts so that we tap into our strengths instead of our fears. Negative thinking or expectations can often be subtle… after all, the ego has “reality” or past experience to […]