The voice of the heart

       We are so accustomed to searching outside of ourselves for answers that it can sometimes be difficult to trust our inner guidance. The voice of the heart speaks in whispers while leading us ever onward on the journey of the soul. As you develop a deeper trust in yourself, you’ll find greater wholeness and […]

The light of consciousness

The most important aspect of awakening is observing ourselves. You are not asked to be any different or hide your emotions, merely to notice how you react and think while you objectively view your personal patterns of behavior. Shining the light of consciousness transforms that which is observed. When we begin to understand how our […]

Thoughts become things

For the past several days my guides have awakened me at 3:33 to write. In the dark morning hours, it’s a delight to take my gratitude walk while listening to the songs of crickets in the moonlight. The number 3 represents flow and harmony and the repetition indicates that I’m entering a phase where life […]

Life responds to you

Life responds to you. The energy that you project out into the world always flows back, increased by the momentum of your passion; therefore, it’s important to be led by joy. The key is to approach every conscious choice and decision from a place of acceptance and enthusiasm while being unattached to outcomes. This is […]

Spirit Guides

Everyone has a team of spirit guides, healing masters, helpers and angels that assist us from the higher levels. These may be souls who have passed on, ancestors, ascended masters or perhaps your essence twin (if that person isn’t currently incarnated). These loving beings exist outside of time and space and can be helpful in […]

The journey of your soul

Walking the Path of Transformation does not mean that we remove ourselves from life but that we delve into it more deeply. The awakened soul recognizes the value of all events – be they harmonious or challenging – and seeks to discover the gifts that reside within every aspect of the journey. It is only […]

Limitless possibility

There is great power in recognizing the repeating patterns of our lives. Subconscious programming causes us to play out repetitive cycles and the resulting events eventually solidify into false beliefs and assumptions that dictate future choices. It’s a vicious circle of experience which distracts us from realizing the beauty of being an eternal soul who […]

The flow of change

The river of life is constantly flowing and changing, as are you. In each moment, the veils of illusion that once blocked your vision are being cleansed away. Evolution is the law of life and as you walk your unique Path of Transformation, every aspect of your being is healed. Sometimes the shifts are subtle […]

Falling madly in love with life

Are you willing to fall madly in love with life? The journey is not about creating a static, uniform approach to each moment… there is no right way to live and yet people often try to do what they perceive they should instead of exploring their unique destiny. This moment is filled with wonder. Meditate, […]

Expect joy

Expect joy. Seek to experience grace and ease within your life situation and realize that the answers you desire are within you. When we choose to change our thoughts, the world around us is transformed. Your energy flows into whatever you focus upon; therefore, set your sights on happiness and retrain the mind to consistently […]