Wholeness within relationships

True partnership occurs when we have discovered wholeness within ourselves. Instead of looking for someone to complete us, we discover the joy of unity between two unique and empowered individuals who allow the winds of heaven to dance in between them as they walk their journey together. The same is true when we enter into […]

Choosing joy

After a restless night with a sick puppy, I chose to move into acceptance regarding the fact that today’s Wow Moment would go out a bit late. The animals in our lives are remarkable teachers. In this case, whelping alerted me to abdominal pain each time I began to drift off to sleep. Like anyone else, […]

Your journey is unique

It’s important to find your unique way of connecting to the Divine. Spiritual teachings and writings are simply pointers that may be utilized to correct your course from time to time, but until you discover your own truth and live from a level of authentic experience, those ideas may actually hinder you from going deeper […]

You have unique gifts to share

The time has come to share your gifts. There is nothing special that you need to do – simply live in your truth and be willing for it to happen. Willingness opens us to receive (and become) the energy of the miraculous. Sharing can come in many forms – work, relationships, expressions of creativity and […]

Daily Gratitude

One of the most powerful ways to create inner balance is to bring yourself present and practice the art of Gratitude. This is often the first thing I teach people when we begin working together. It’s a simple and easy thing to do; however, it also seems to be the easiest thing to forget. Daily […]

Awakened exploration

Adventures await you on the Path of Transformation. The Universe consistently draws in the people, situations and opportunities that best serve your growth. While it can be frightening to walk into the unknown, realize that trust and innocence are better guides than the skepticism born of past experience. When trust is pure, no one can corrupt […]

Nurture your unique gifts

As we develop conscious awareness, we learn to recognize every event on the Path of Transformation as an opportunity to evolve. The beauty in that life approach relieves you of the burden of perfection – each situation either prompts movement forward or provides greater clarity about patterns that no longer serve your growth. Honor the […]

Breaking the pattern of negative expectations

You are stronger than you know. In every moment you are creating the events of your experience and discovering the power of your thoughts and beliefs. Become more conscious of the words you use. Limiting things, even spoken in jest, send ripples of energy throughout the Universe. Many people have developed the habit of expecting […]

Embracing change

In those process moments when we stand on the threshold between the known and the unknown, we often consciously recognize that something has been completed in our lives. Whether the change comes through work, relationships, inner growth, the home or an aspect of ego-identity, it is time to let go. Whenever we choose to surrender […]