Holding Sacred Space

Love all. Serve all. Help ever. Hurt never.
~Sathya Sai Baba~
Imagine how it would feel to be completely loved and accepted. Imagine a relationship so comfortable that you simply remain present and engaged instead of attempting to determine what the other person requires. Can you see it? Provide that for another…

Holding sacred space is a gift that flows from awakened intention. From the frequency of love we allow another the opportunity to recognize their own divinity. What we can offer is unconditional acceptance because we see the limitless potential and know that if it isn’t discovered today, it certainly will be somewhere down the road.

When you intentionally offer your loving wishes, your prayers and blessings to another, you heart is transformed. You cannot walk in the light of love without being changed. Serving one another (even if only through the art of compassionate listening) is an expression of our sacred connection. It awakens us to Oneness and binds us with the gifts of loving-kindness.

Set an intention to stop and replenish your soul often throughout the day. Nurture yourself with compassion and you will have more to offer those who grace your life.

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