Live the Mystery

“The mystery of life isn’t a problem to solve, but a reality to experience.”
~Frank Herbert~
We live in an infinite Universe filled with unlimited potential. All that we see is constantly evolving and changing, as are we. No matter how much we have learned so far, it’s humbling to realize that we have barely begun to scratch the surface.
Keep a childlike sense of wonder and adventure. The mind will often distract by wanting to know “why?” or “how?” or “when?” and may plant the idea that you must know the answers prior to moving forward or being healed. Conversely, a child will explore and become immersed in the present moment while living in a constant state of discovery.
Allow room for paradoxical truths to live side by side with the understanding that all dualities ultimately merge into Oneness. As we awaken, we cultivate a life that is immersed in exploration and conscious experience while becoming more comfortable with the unknown.
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