Your journey is unique

Your story is still being written.

“Just let it go” is more a philosophy than an option. If it were possible to “just let it go,” we’d all know freedom right now. Often our only real choice is to just let it be.  ~Ezra Bayda~ 

We arranged this lifetime by selecting the perfect parents, place of birth, personality traits, temperament and physical appearance to facilitate specific lessons. While we do create a blueprint of experiences and karmic agreements prior to birth (and seek to follow it), we still have free will and thus are active co-creators of the life experience.  

In the midst of struggle, remind yourself that there are gifts waiting to be discovered. If they are not yet apparent to you, it typically indicates that the energy or the lesson is still unfolding. Karmic situations, especially the important, life-changing ones, often continue to teach us for years after they have ended.   

As you grow in awareness, you’ll move into higher levels of consciousness. Each level allows you to see more clearly and your perception will expand until you are able to embrace every aspect of your journey as sacred. If you are not there yet, do not fear, you are simply still in process of transformation.

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