The Simple Things

“If you are depressed, you are living in the past.
If you are anxious, you are living in the future.
If you are at peace, you are living in the present.”
~Lao Tzu~

The simplest things in life often bring us the greatest pleasures… walking barefoot in the sand on a beach at sunset, feeling the purr of a contented cat as it sits in your lap, watching the laughter of children as they rediscover the world in their brand new bodies and roles….

The ordinary can be full of surprises, but we need to slow down in order to truly experience it. When we are fully present even mundane tasks take on a sacred quality. It’s a gift to be able to take things simply and easily, one step at a time.

So whether you choose to immerse yourself in music, spend time outside enjoying the beauty of the day or falling into laughter, it’s always possible to become one with the moment and be fulfilled. You can create this connection at any time and be at ease now.


“The butterfly said to the sun, ‘They can’t stop talking about my transformation. I can only do it once in my lifetime. If only they knew, they can do it at any time and in countless ways.”

Sometimes change comes bursting unannounced into our lives like a chaotic free-for-all that hones our strengths and abilities. Other movements of awakening are more subtle, appearing as shifts of energy, insights that bring freedom from within or gifts of grace from the Divine. Both are a natural response to our willingness to awaken.

What often seems like a journey into the dark night of the soul is actually a necessary step of a powerful and life-changing transformation. All of existence supports your growth. See yourself today as a spiritual master in the process of awakening. Bring your awareness to how you typically respond to life and choose to pause before reacting or stating an opinion. Observe whether you are bringing the best version of yourself to this moment.

Mindful self-awareness sets personal transformation in motion.


Levels of Consciousness

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”
~Albert Einstein~
No matter where one resides on the path of consciousness, there are always new levels to explore. We work within the framework of a particular level (sometimes for lifetimes) until we have learned all that it has to offer. As each new level is transcended, our perception of life is transformed.
All of the lower levels represent various aspects of ego-driven dysfunction and misery. Those who reside below the terminator of awakening are very draining to be around. Unbeknownst to them, they are psychic vampires who live off the energy of others. This is why so many people create excessive drama and conflict in their life experience. They are addicted to the energy they get from emotional reactions and attention.
When you interact with someone who struggles with dysfunction, do your best to remain neutral, compassionate and loving. These higher levels of expression automatically protect your energy and demonstrate a different way of being. The higher you go, the more power you have and the more protected you are.
Your purpose is to discover the best version of yourself. This is done through relentless and purposeful mindfulness, consistent practice and self-love. Imagine how you would view and experience the world from the levels of love, joy, peace and enlightenment.

Portals to Love

“What is enlightenment? It is complete and total non-attachment to one’s own thoughts. And in the absence of attachments to one’s own thoughts, all that is present is love.”
~Teal Scott~

If you want a life filled with joy, be joyful. If you wish to find love, be loving. If you want to be abundant, see the abundance that you already have… our thoughts create the space in which our dreams manifest.

True joy has no opposite. Once we’ve reached a point where we access the truth of who we are – the sacred expression of the Infinite in physical form – portals to joy, love, enthusiasm and acceptance become fully open to us.

It sounds simple because it is simple. Typically the ego wants to keep us mired in the belief that enlightenment is hard or that it only happens to special or spiritually evolved people. However, it begins by simply realizing when we are out of alignment with joy, observing and releasing limiting thoughts and purposefully walking forward on the Path of Transformation.

Enlightenment can happen spontaneously for some people – a flash of awakening or insight suddenly shifts them from despair to joy. But for most of us, it is a journey of practice, moving from situation to situation with our newfound tools and experience while allowing the process to unfold. Periodically take the time to notice how differently you react to challenges compared to where you were a month, a year or a decade ago.

Loving What Is

“As long as you think that the cause of your problem is “out there”—as long as you think that anyone or anything is responsible for your suffering—the situation is hopeless. It means that you are forever in the role of victim, that you’re suffering in paradise.”
~Byron Katie~

Loving what is… this is an important aspect of the Path of Transformation which frees us from the stories of the mind and habitual patterns which no longer serve our growth. How often do we witness someone desperately fighting against the present moment saying, “This shouldn’t be!” without realizing that the rejection actually prolongs the perception of pain?

Acceptance creates the space in which something new can emerge. It doesn’t mean that we become apathetic. Quite the opposite – we begin to see more clearly what is ready to be healed or released within ourselves in order to create clarity of spirit.

Act with integrity, do your best, accept what is. Don’t hold yourself back out of fear or uncertainty. When we consciously choose to release ego-driven stories and beliefs, all that remains is a quiet sense of connection to the Divine. From this space of peace, our actions will either move us forward or teach us something – and this is a very empowering place to reside.

Gifts of Character

“Surrender is not a weakness it is strength. It takes tremendous strength to surrender life to the supreme – to the cosmic unfolding.”

You have cultivated gifts of character through the challenges that you have overcome. These gifts were refined through suffering experienced when you perceived yourself to be separate from love. Adversity and obstacles allow you to discover the myriad ways that the Divine can manifest itself through you.

Your unique journey has led you to this moment. The genuine beauty of your spirit has much to offer that cannot be replicated. Your light shines greater than you realize. Knowing this, see if you can view obstacles as gifts which bring you into greater alignment with your soul’s purpose. This point of view will allow you to move through challenges when they arise and bring you back into balance more quickly.

Joy arises through acceptance of the present moment. Our spiritual practice must include everything – money, love, health, work, play, self-image and relationships. Choose to walk through life mindfully and rest in the fullness of who you are right now. See if you can release any preconceived expectations about yourself or those around you and simply observe. This creates the space in which something new can emerge.

Inner Guidance

“Following our inner guidance may feel risky and frightening at first, because we are no longer playing it safe, doing what we ‘should’ do, pleasing others, following rules, or deferring to outside authority.”
~Shakti Gawain~

Life becomes much easier when we learn to trust our inner guidance. The instinctual joy we experience when we feel a deep connection to a particular place, person, book, animal, home or anything else one can imagine unlocks the door to a life filled with magic and exhilaration.

In those moments we feel great about the choice and our spirit just seems to resonate with the present moment with a resounding “Yes!”

… But then the mind begins… “What if? What if I fail? What if I get my heart broken? What if I lose money? What if things don’t turn out the way I planned?” The insidious mechanisms of the ego always seem to strike at the most vulnerable aspect of the personality – and that is it’s job. The ego acts as an indicator of what remains to be healed. Notice that I used the word “personality” which is the temporary role we utilize for a lifetime. It has nothing to do with the true spirit that is awakening within each and every one of us.

Trust allows us to release the need for the protective walls we have built around us. There is nothing that can be taken from you. There are only experiences that ultimately bridge us to the love that resides at the core of everything.

Life’s Blueprint

“Feed your spirit.
Nourish your soul.
Embrace yourself.”
~Adele Leon~

You created the blueprint for this life. You chose the perfect arrangement of talents, physical presence, family members, challenges, support system and reminders that would allow your spirit to awaken at the perfect time.

That’s why many people enjoy reading their astrology or numerology charts, delve into exploration of their Dosha or the Michael Teachings… it’s amazing to see a written explanation of your deepest motivations or tendencies and realize that you are exactly whom you intended to be. From within this framework, it becomes easier to strengthen qualities that are empowering and work with (instead of against) those qualities that present themselves as challenges.

This is not a one-size-fits-all world or experience. As we release the need to try to fit into a particular mold or mindset, we discover the true beauty which comes from having an authentic, conscious and unique experience.

In this moment, I invite you to embrace yourself as perfect… You are a master in the process of awakening who focuses on small positive steps while learning to put your intuitive dreams into action on the physical plane. When in harmony, it becomes easier to receive the enlightenment from higher dimensions.

Soul Dance

“As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being.”
~Carl Jung~

Movement is a powerful way to achieve balance. Should you find that your thoughts, beliefs and emotional patterns do not currently support your walk on the path of transformation, see if you can create a flow by using conscious movement.

It’s important to break up your routine and try something different from time to time. As we grow spiritually, we often feel that we outgrow things that have worked for us in the past – it’s not that the tools have become less effective, it’s typically that we’ve lost the awe and wonder of exploration which initially opened us to their ability to connect us to the Divine.

You might choose to take a walk to a new place, change how your approach your day, do some conscious movement such as Tai Chi or Yoga or speak with someone different while fully present. Each conscious action offers an opportunity to break free from stagnation and enter a new vibration. Then, when you return to the aspects of your growth and spiritual walk that have served you so well, you bring a vibrant and authentic connection. Each of us controls our own journey. You have more power and knowledge than you think.

Quiet the mind today. Visualize or imagine a violet light flowing through your crown chakra like an endless river of love. Ask simply that you become more open to joyful, fulfilling and empowering life experiences and choose to see the sacred in everyone and everything.

Transforming Fear into Love

“If you want to tap into what life has to offer, let love be your primary mode of being, not fear. Fear closes us down and makes us retreat. It locks doors and limits opportunities. Love is about opening to possibilities. Seeing the world with new eyes. It widens our heart and mind. Fear incarcerates, but love liberates.”
~John Mark Green~

Your unique path of transformation is not about adhering to a ritualistic approach to spirituality (though, for a brief moment that might be where you begin). It is not about behaving like you think you “should” as an evolved being (though emulation and high goals might be where you begin). Spiritual practice is about living each and every moment increasingly awake.

Everyone experiences fear – that’s part of stretching beyond your comfort zone; however, notice the difference between acknowledging your fear and allowing it to paralyze you. Fear breeds more fear and the only way to move beyond it is through experience, knowledge and a shift in perception.

The secret to living with fearful feelings it to accept them without allowing them to control you. Take one more step forward. Take one more glance inward. Welcome the objects of your fear as invitations to move toward freedom.

Many people cling to their beliefs and defend them rigorously… even when those beliefs cause them great pain and suffering. The belief is repeated often enough that it has it’s own weight within the energy field – this is why we’ll often experience a feeling of release as this weight lifts from us.

By consciously living each moment to the best of your ability, you can transform heavy limiting energies into light until finally you are free to walk in the frequency of love.