Living increasingly awake

We are on a grand adventure of awakening. “Residing fully in the present moment allows the unconditioned energy of life to flow through the conditioned body and mind.”  ~Ezra Bayda~ This is the moment of transformation. All that you require is already here and all you need to do is open to the blessings that […]

Take conscious action

Choosing to take full responsibility for your own experience leads to empowerment and spiritual mastery. “Feeling disappointment is a natural part of being human. Festering in resentment is against our deepest nature.”  ~Ezra Bayda~ When you seek movement in your experience, operate from a state of empowerment rather than one of victim-hood. If a situation […]

Focus on the end result

What you fight, you strengthen. “When stuck in apathy, procrastination, or the morass of depression, choose one small task and complete it mindfully. Momentum will follow.”  ~Ezra Bayda~ Sometimes the changes we seek to create in the world (and within ourselves) seem daunting or overwhelming. Discomfort arises when we begin to realize that something needs […]


Forgiveness is about setting yourself free from anger and resentment. “Spiritual practice always entails forgiveness – at least as long as there is even one person we can’t forgive. But real forgiveness is not some form of magnanimous acceptance of others ‘even though they did us wrong,’ Rather, with true forgiveness we loosen the grip […]

Attachment to suffering

The ego always fears the unknown and will often sabotage our efforts to break free from suffering because of it. “Few circumstances awaken our aspiration to live more directly from the heart than the grave illness or death of a loved one. In such times of naked pain, we’re no longer so intent on clinging […]

Infinite choices

Live in alignment with your innermost values. “There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do.”  ~Marianne Williamson~ The beauty of living in an infinite universe is that one can always find people, ideas and energies that support their joys […]

Living in the gap

Observe the stillness that exists between thoughts. “When you go in, you touch a new kind of silence – the presence of silence itself. It is not only an absence of noise, it is something absolutely positive, almost visible, tangible.”  ~Osho~ Throughout the day, pause before you choose to reach for your phone to pass […]

Everything is sacred

Honor the teachers that walk among us. “Our task must be to free ourselves… by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty.”  ~Albert Einstein~ As we awaken, we become more aligned with the world around us and therefore, will naturally learn to bring a […]


Never underestimate the value of kindness. “Peace requires us to surrender our illusions of control. We can love and care for others but we cannot possess our children, lovers, family, or friends. We can assist them, pray for them, and wish them well, yet in the end their happiness and suffering depend on their thoughts […]

The world of form

We must learn to see beyond the illusions of this world. “It takes a little effort to get our of illusions because we have invested in them very much. They are our hopes; It is through them that we go on living.”  ~Osho~ Notice when you use the word “I” when referring to how you […]