Subconscious Beliefs

Our subconscious beliefs silently run our lives.

“We learn our belief systems as very little children, and then we move through life creating experiences to match our beliefs.”

~Louise Hay~

When arranging the circumstances of this incarnation prior to birth, you chose the perfect parents, life situation and personality traits to facilitate the particular lessons you wanted to explore in this life. Perhaps you wanted to experience the transformation of poverty to success, insecurity to strength, unworthiness to self-love or addiction to empowerment.

Remember, the soul’s only desire is to awaken; therefore, in conjunction with your spiritual guides, angels and ancestors, you set the necessary energy in motion to create the life situations that would inspire your soul to awaken.

It can be challenging to recognize the subconscious beliefs that silently run our lives. We must look to our repetitive experiences in order to determine what they are. Without judgment, we are called upon to observe limiting beliefs and go through the process of releasing all that blocks us from gratitude and joy.

Periodically, you’ll experience the ecstasy of a breakthrough. It may come and go in a flash as the ego-mind seeks to pull us back into the known through inner resistance or the behavior of others that seems to sabotage our efforts to change. See this resistance as an indicator that transformation is at hand and push through consciously and consistently. You are on an adventure of your own creation. Live your story, love those who assist you in your awakening and enjoy the journey.

Authentic Living

Share your unique gifts.

“Philosophy is speculation, Zen is participation. Participate in the night leaving, participate in the evening coming, participate in the stars and participate in the clouds; make participation your lifestyle and the whole existence becomes such a joy, such an ecstasy. You could not have dreamed a better universe.”

You have a purpose: to live an awakening life of joy and empowerment. Each of us has something of value to contribute to the whole. Seek first to embrace your own light in such a way that you allow it to shine. Rather than trying to meet your perception of what the world needs, ask instead, “What do I have to offer?”

The synergy that is created together is far greater than the sum of its parts. Be willing to accept what is offered while allowing the energy of the Divine to flow through you into the beauty of the present moment.

You bring something beautiful to the world. All of existence celebrates your journey and your contributions. Cultivate your ability to be totally present in your response to life. Take one step at a time, giving the present moment your full attention and energy. This authenticity will bring a wonderful new dimension to your life experience.

When we choose to create an energy field that supports each person we encounter to find his or her own light, we become facilitators of joy.

Magic Exists

You are more powerful than you realize.

“The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow stronger.”
~W.B. Yeats~  

Finding our own unique way of being in the world gives a sense of dignity, of connectedness to the whole and opens us to the realms of infinite possibility. As we release the layers of our conditioning, a new perception of Oneness and empowerment emerges.

In every moment, we are all affecting the world around us. Our words have power. Intention and action set new energies in motion and as we actively engage in the dance of awakening with conscious awareness, something amazing happens. All of life becomes a loving conversation with the Divine.

See yourself as an awakening master. Realize that no matter how much you have learned or how far you have come, you have barely scratched the surface of your own infinite beauty and mastery. Seek to recognize magic in the world around you with the knowledge that your experiences reflect your innermost truth. Miracles await your discovery.

Embrace the Life Experience

Earth is the only place that we can enjoy the experience of dark chocolate, hugs and the scent of the ocean…

“I’m bored” is a useless thing to say. I mean, you live in a great, big, vast world, that you’ve seen none of. Even the inside of your own mind is endless; it goes on inward endlessly. Do you understand? The fact that you’re alive is amazing, so you don’t get to say, “I’m bored.”


Despite the many lifetimes we engage with one another on this planet, the experience of being human is but a tiny aspect of our spiritual journey back into Oneness. Earth provides the illusion of separation. We create intense karma and challenges, joyful connections and love in order to fully experience all aspects of the human adventure.

Think of all the things you love: the sunsets, springtime, music, your favorite foods, how the light filters through the leaves of a forest on a summers day, the feel of snow crunching under your boots, the contrast of a good movie that makes you laugh and cry, and so much more! When you begin to think of all that brings joy into your experience, you’ll discover that the list is endless… and yet we’ve just begun.

Rather than seeking for meaning in your life situations, bring meaning to them. Your brilliant, beautiful mind can be used to perceive the grace and wonder of being alive. Touch one another in love. Be kind to yourself. It will be gone all too soon and then we’ll be off on a new type of collective experience. It’s hard to mentally grasp the infinite; therefore, enjoy the Now and watch how it continues to evolve.

A Foundation of Love

Set an intention to be an authentic example of joyful acceptance today.

“May love and laughter light your days, and warm your heart and home. May good and faithful friends be yours wherever you may choose to roam.”
~An Irish Blessing~

The foundation of personal integrity and compassion is love. This is a much higher vibration and more powerful than any moral codes, commandments or judgement. Those who are willing to judge others are also ready to suffer separation in order to feed the ego’s need for superiority. It’s much easier to condemn another than to look within and face the need for change.

Conscious spiritual seekers bring an entirely different quality to their experiences. Always ready to forgive (or to recognize that forgiveness is not even necessary), he or she embodies compassion for those who struggle with unconsciousness and understands that everyone is in the process of transformation, regardless of how it appears.

The awakened version of morality comes not from conscience, fear or societal pressure but from a higher state of consciousness. Seek always to become more aware of your own inner mastery and wisdom – this will allow you to live in complete harmony with the Divine and you will see it reflected by the world around you.

Often society will not understand the peacefulness of an enlightened person – Where is your anger? Why aren’t you complaining about the state of the world? Aren’t you worried about what might happen? Let love express itself through you in unusual ways and be the change you wish to see.

The Shimmering Pulse of Life

We live in a world of limitless possibility.

“Looking with a mind that’s awake reveals the shimmering pulse of life. Looking with a mind full of thoughts reveals only your thoughts.”

~Ezra Bayda~

We all have filters through which we interpret our experiences and the world around us. As we move to higher levels of consciousness, we expand our vision and begin to see more possibilities.

In the exploration of infinity, it’s important to remember that no matter how much we have learned or how far we have come, we are still at the beginning of a miraculous journey. The human experience is one of perceived separation. We spend lifetimes feeling lost and misunderstood. Awakening is the experience of Oneness in a world of difference.

This is the moment of transformation. Will you use it or hide in the illusion of comfort and security? When we discover the truth of who we are, we’ll realize that there is no one special to be. Truly seeing the sacred light of consciousness in ourselves and in one another removes all the trappings of limited ego-based goals and beliefs. Know thyself… and discover that all you need is already here.

Exploring the Limitless

All that you seek is within you.

“When we bring a gentle awareness to the layers of our conditioning, and to the struggles that arise out of our conditioning, the power of that conditioning slowly dissolves. Life then moves toward the unconditioned – where the vastness, or love, just flows through.

~Ezra Bayda~

Once we become aware of the mechanisms of the mind and how hard it struggles to keep certain illusions in place, we are able to go deeper into our experience of the present moment. Everything you encounter is meant to teach you how to drop the layers of illusion.

Should you observe yourself saying, “I’ve always been like this” or repeating a perceived truth of your current level of understanding, go within and ask “Who is speaking?” Is it the ego or the truth of an infinite soul?

Or, “Who would I be without that thought?” Would I be limited or free? If you determine that the thought or statement is a product of the ego, don’t judge yourself. Your awareness indicates that something greater is awakening within you. This is a moment of celebration!

You are much more than a collection of thoughts or imprints. You are more than the sum of your experiences. The light of consciousness shines through you, its brilliance is refracted through infinite facets that await exploration.


I hold no cherished outcome.

“…the obstacle on your path can become the gateway to a new life unfolding. Set your house in order, tend to business, be clear, and wait on the Will of Heaven.”
~Ralph Blum~ 

Allowing life to unfold as it will is an act of faith. While the ego-mind may clamor for definitive resolutions, planned actions and guarantees, the soul craves to cultivate trust. Therefore; view any pauses in your dreams as gateways to perfection.

When you focus on being balanced and at peace with the present moment, the future takes care of itself. There is no need to project your thoughts and desires on to anyone else or attach to specific outcomes. All your energy turns inward, allowing you to navigate though whatever life offers with a sense of peacefulness and knowledge that everything unfolds in the perfect way at the perfect time.

Often challenges unfold at the beginning of a new life. The shifts in energy call upon us to release things which no longer serve our evolutionary growth. This creates space in which the new can take root and grow. Trust the processes of your awakening.



Allow this moment to be the most transformative of your life.
“Forgive yourself for not being at peace. The moment you completely accept your non-peace, your non-peace is transmuted into peace. Anything you accept fully will get you there, will take you into peace. That is the miracle of surrender.”
~Eckhart Tolle~

The way to experience life fully is to bring your complete awareness to what is unfolding right now. This is the moment of transformation. Observe your thoughts and actions. Are they allowing you to be fully present with the experience or are they projected toward some future moment or desire?

When you focus your awareness on the Now, you’ll discover that you are right where you need to be. The lessons unfolding are perfect for the souls development and through complete acceptance, joy begins to expand throughout every aspect of your life. Embrace what is. You have chosen these experiences for the express purpose of accelerating your spiritual growth.

Take brief, frequent pauses often throughout the day to check your state of consciousness. 30 seconds of mindful breathing can help to align you with the present moment. Within the ebb and flow of life, you can choose to create a foundation of calmness, peace and empowerment,  the natural by-products of acceptance.

Live Your Truth

Let your life be your message.

“The path to love requires open-hearted attention to the very things that seem to block our way to it.”
Ezra Bayda
Like water eroding rock, the awakened life is one of gentle, consistent, conscious actions. Attempting to force change, whether in yourself or others around you, is akin to a flash flood that temporarily wreaks havoc and leaves destruction in its wake. Living your truth; however, is a series of small actions that can transform even the most challenging of situations.
Everything plays a role in your awakening. Seeing your judgments and the fears out of which they arise allows you to choose a different response, one that brings you greater peace. Doubt is another path that opens the door to new ideas and insight. Anger points the way to repressed energy. Rather than wondering “why?” when things go wrong, seek understanding through direct experience rather than wandering aimlessly in an intellectual playground.
The key is to accept what is. Bring a greater awareness to how you choose to experience the present moment. When you take responsibility for your own state of consciousness, your actions will reflect empowerment and kindness.