Magical Monday

It’s Magical Monday! Today is filled with limitless possibility… what would you like to create in your world? See how many sparks of passion you can flow into each moment. Whether your ideas are grand or small, the action is the same: set an intention, break out of a rut, try something new, be willing […]


Willingness is a high level vibration which awakens our ability to receive and is the gateway for our movement to higher levels of consciousness. Where judgement blocks one from authentic experience and growth, Willingness implies that we have released our resistance to the present moment and aligns us to a force of energy that creates […]

The tapestry of existence

Every journey is unique. As we learn to honor all paths as sacred, we discover the value of diversity and the gifts we have to offer to one another. Each life is a magnificent work of art that weaves its patterns in the tapestry of existence… and our role as interconnected beings is to live our own truth […]

Your unique potential

Many times the image that we have of ourselves comes not from our own direct experience but from the opinions and perceptions of others. The personality created by childhood programming or the limited worldview of cultural norms overshadows the individuality which would have blossomed naturally in an atmosphere of support and acceptance. It’s time to recognize […]

The power of intention

Intention is the seed that creates our future. Whatever seeds we plant have the potential to grow when we create the conditions that support them. An old Chinese Buddhist text states, “From intention springs the deed, from the deed springs the habits. From the habits grow the character, from character develops destiny.” Habits can be […]

Listen to your higher guidance

Release your worries and allow the Universe to assist you on your journey. When you feel strongly that it’s time to focus and work hard on a particular project, do so. When you feel you need to step back, rest and rebalance, give yourself that opportunity as well. In this infinite playground of discovery, there is plenty […]

Multiple levels of consciousness

Everyone processes information based upon their own unique vibration. Life provides the backdrop and the events, and each of us views it through the filter created by our level of consciousness and personal frequency. This is what allows each of us to have a unique experience within the realm of infinite possibility. Where one sees limitation and frustration, […]

The art of creation

Our ability to create is discovered when we desire to break free from the patterns, beliefs and experiences which no longer serve our growth. All transformation begins with a thought and expands outward from there. The important thing is to focus on the end result you desire and immediately live it to the best of your ability. […]


Love is an open way of relating to others and shows us a reflection of our ability to love ourselves. Many people get caught up in the initial rush of attraction, sexuality and expectations and find themselves limited by their own judgment about what love is. Love is a transformation, it allows us to grow and change […]

Trusting the process of awakening

You are perfection in the present moment. Each step of your journey has brought you here, Now, and you are right where you need to be. In the process of awakening to your true Divine nature, there is always enough time. Do not allow the stories of the ego to plant seeds of doubt regarding […]