Present Moment Empowerment

How can you express love for yourself in this moment? Begin there and then extend it outward.

See your thoughts for what they are: just thoughts. And see them for what they aren’t: the truth about who you are and what life is.
~Ezra Bayda~

When you are fully present and operating from the highest state of consciousness that you can, all your actions will carry that high frequency of energy. When caught in the web of thought, your energy becomes diffused, scattered… likely creating a need to revisit or correct distracted actions. The mind will always seek to block your momentum by jumping to worst case scenarios; however, this is your moment of transformation. As a spiritual master in the process of awakening, you can choose to utilize this opportunity to see the tools you have cultivated thus far in action. Breakthrough comes when we demonstrate a willingness to view life differently.

Take time to slow down and breathe. The key is to rise above thought and allow that wider perception to activate the seeds of infinite possibility within you. In this moment, what can you do to enhance your sacred space, express love or nurture yourself? What conscious actions can you take to break free from limiting patterns and beliefs? Get creative and simply embrace any changes in your usual routine. It may be interesting to see what you discover.

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