Allowing What Is

This moment, whatever if offers, is the place where your spiritual work can be done.
“We dread the helplessness of losing control. Yet freedom lies in recognizing the reality that some things are ever beyond our control – and the only option is to make peace with helplessness itself.”     
~Ezra Bayda~ 

The challenges we face, whether personal or global, provide opportunities to rise above old ways of being. Moments of intensity or disruption call upon us to find common ground and compassion, to reconsider priorities or to extend a hand in kindness. No matter what unfolds in your experience, know that it is exactly what is required for your souls growth.

Often, when change is required, disruption will come to shake things up and break us free from patterns that have created stagnant energy. Once the dust settles and we process the lessons and insights available, we’ll discover a new foundation upon which to build as we move forward. In spite of how things appear, everything works toward the highest good of all involved.

Together we rise. Our sojourn on this planet leads us through the illusion of separateness to the truth of our connectedness… and at the core of everything? Love.

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