One With Everything

Oneness calls upon us to live in a way that is purposeful, sacred and connected.

“The whole of planet earth
is a sacred site.
All people are the chosen people,
and the purpose of our lives
is a spiritual one.

May we care for each other
and for the earth, for everything
relates to everything else.

Feeling this Oneness,
may we radiate the light of love
and kindness that all may live
in unity and peace.”
~Radha Sahar~

Something powerful happens when we embrace one another in love. A synergy awakens and the collective energy expands, bringing an entirely new vibration into being.

Tending to your own state of consciousness ensures that you will bring the best version of yourself to all of your interactions. When approaching a situation, ask “What do I have to offer?” Give of your kindness, time and attention with the selflessness born of a awakened heart.

There is no limit to what we can do together. We have the opportunity to be frequency holders for one another in order to create a space where a transformation can occur.


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