You are right where you need to be

Honor this moment as sacred. “Whatever I need to know is revealed to me at exactly the right time.” ~ Louise Hay ~ Enlightenment is not something you achieve. It comes through letting go of things that block us from being present here and now. Layer by layer, we drop old conditioning, limiting thoughts and […]

Present moment mindfulness

Bring a new level of consciousness to your journey. “I rejoice in the knowledge that I have the power of my own mind to use in any way I choose.” ~ Louise Hay ~ You can bring a sense of peace and grace to your life experiences today. From the mundane to the mystical, everything […]

Consistent practice

There are infinite ways to awaken. “I am equally blessed with love, harmony and joy. I take in life in perfect balance.” ~ Louise Hay ~ Life repeats itself. Habitual patterns become the norm and unless we become mindful, the cycle will continue. The way to break free is through mindfulness and consistent practice. Once […]

Open the window of your heart

Allow yourself some time to touch the infinite. “Divine peace and love surround me and dwell in me. I trust the processes of life.” ~ Louise Hay ~ Thought blocks you from being fully present to life. The mind seeks to replay old scripts or dwell upon what may happen tomorrow. Quiet the mind and […]

Breathe, trust and let go

Leave enough space in your experience for the Universe to surprise you. “Whatever I am guided to do will be a success.” ~ Louise Hay ~ When you choose to live from the heart, amazing things begin to happen. Love life as it is and see it as an adventure, exploring and experiencing with innocence […]

Create space in which a transformation can occur

As you change, the world around you is transformed. “Freedom and change are in the air. I discard old ideas.” ~ Louise Hay ~ Periodically take the time to release things that no longer serve you. Do this on every level of your experience,  physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. You are continually in the process […]

Use anger as an opportunity to awaken

Anger, when it arises, is simply another opportunity to awaken. “I release the need to blame anyone, including myself.” ~ Louise Hay ~ Distress is created when we demand that life be other than it is. Anger can arise when your day gets derailed by unexpected events, when the weather isn’t to your liking or […]

Infinite wisdom

There is always something new to discover. “It is safe for me to be flexible enough to see others’ viewpoints.” ~ Louise Hay ~ Earth is a playground of experience and discovery. It is merely the first step, a training ground, in the exploration of the infinite. No matter how far you have come, no […]

Love where you are

Don’t wait for everything to fall into place before you choose to be happy. “My uniquely creative talents and abilities flow through me and are expressed in deeply satisfying ways.” ~ Louise Hay ~ You are an exquisite work of art in progress, a masterpiece waiting to emerge from all the colors and textures and […]


When you can see yourself in another, compassion is possible. “I see the best in everyone and help them bring out their most joyous qualities.” ~ Louise Hay ~ Today you are being presented an opportunity to see the myriad dimensions of life. No matter what is being experienced, its opposite is also possible. We […]